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Moving to a new home might seem stressful and daunting, but there are proven ways to make moving easier. Having a smooth and hassle-free transition is important whether you are moving across the street or across the world. House moving is time-consuming and tough that is why you should consider hiring the services of professionals such as Shift. From moving heavy furniture that can ruin your day to handling the least of your packing, the pros can make moving easier. It doesn’t have to seem like a taxing task! Below are 5 tips that will make moving to a new home easier.

1. Start Packing in Advance

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Packing your things progressively over a few months or weeks before the move is helpful because you will start with the things that you use the least and finish with the ones you use the most. The kitchen is one of the hardest rooms to pack. To get it right you could split it into a week or two and end up with the basics in your final week. Pack your things in boxes and properly arrange them. Label everything while being specific on top of the box for example mugs, plates and cutlery. Don’t forget to pack the fragile things together and label them making it very obvious that they are fragile. Packing in advance also entails you ensure you notify your service providers so that they can arrange how your items will be placed into your new house.

2. Arrange Professional Movers

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Moving a house needs to be done with great care to ensure no incidents will ruin the big day. Most people often underestimate the number of items they have and only focus on the most expensive and heavy items. To help you get things moved effectively and efficiently there is Shift. From carrying heavy furniture, they give advice and will get your things moved without you moving a muscle. Having the peace of mind that your things will come arrive on the big day and get unloaded for you when you get to your new home with your family is exciting. When you move with a reliable, trustworthy and reputable mover you will appreciate it and even find yourself wanting to move again.

3. Declutter and Clean

There is no better time to remove the things that have been building up in your closets than when moving out. Declutter one room at a time including the garage, attic and basement. You might find items that might seem useful or you could sell them and use the money to buy new things that you want for your new house. Do not forget the storage boxes, drawers, cabinets and cupboards, as this will help with your moving quote. It is nice to give your place a nice clean and it is much easier to clean the carpet while other things are stacked up. Also, it is easy to start your new stay with clean things as this will improve your mood and help you have better days ahead.

4. Pack a Survival Box

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Having to spend your first few days without your essentials makes for a bad day. Pack anything to make your new home livable from the pet’s food to your essentials and that of your kids. You need to have a bag that has all the items that are a must for you to function for the next few days and weeks while you unpack all of those boxes. A rucksack or clear plastic bag is useful to pack phone chargers, a fresh set of clothes, medications, snacks and essential toiletries as they can be vacuum stored. Even if you are moving across the street an essential bag is a must-have while moving to a new home.

5. Who to Tell

This is among the most tedious parts of moving to a new home, but having a checklist of the people to notify will help. Most important are schools, your doctor, insurance companies, banks, your employers and cable providers. Getting an appointment for your internet and cable installation service providers can take weeks if not months! This will also involve you familiarizing yourself with your neighbors and the local community. A few guides from them can come in handy in critical moments. Do not forget to notify your family members as well because you would not want them to spend lots of time looking for you in your new address.

Moving day should be the least stressful if not the most relaxing day. Shift will take care of your move with high quality and reliable service. The only thing that should concern you is celebrating in your new home while you leave everything else to us.

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