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Your house should be the most comfortable and safe space you can be in. You crave the warmth, food, and stability of your home when away; relish it when you finally come home. However, you are probably not alone. Rodents, termites, bugs, and even flies fancy the opportunities available to them in your home. 

It’s wise to set out methods to combat pests before the actual pest problem occurs. It’s also the better treatment of the animals involved through avoiding conflict and preserving nature. So here are three reliable ways of repelling pests away from your house. 


1.) Secure Any Area that Connects to the Outdoors

All pests’ natural habitat is anywhere but inside your home. That said, it is vital to establish protection through a boundary to the outdoors. Windows, doors, vents, pipes, and any cracks or gaps need to be sealed. Companies that buy houses professionally are all beginning to implement this best practice when it comes to pests. Regularly repairing any damages to window screens or loosely fitting ones is vital to keep your property safe.

Cracks on your home’s exterior or gaps around utility appliances can create a good breeding site for pests. Always fill up these cracks and crevices with something pests can’t chew on. That is a reliable defense for critters of most sizes.


2.) Avoid Trash, Leaks, and Litter

Garbage, trash, and litter make up the basic needs of pests such as rodents and bugs. Debris will allow access to food and junk or trash, a comfortable breeding place. Always ensure maximum cleanliness in the area around your household waste.

This strategy to keep your property clean can help you work towards eliminating any spills and deterring pests. That, together with always keeping your trash stored in an enclosed space, works effectively. Areas that leak water attracts mosquitoes and roaches, hence, ensure they are fixed and working well. 


3.) Store Food Properly

Food is the easiest way to attract roaches, bugs, and ants to your home. Although you still have to eat, always ensure to clean up and store food well to keep it pest-free. Rinsing off utensils for later cleaning or cleaning after you eat is highly advisable. Some pests have perfect senses of smell; keeping your food in sealed containers is the solution.

For foods like cereals, store them in tight-fitted reusable containers. As mentioned earlier, wet areas are perfect breeding places for some pests. Leaving your kitchen area or areas surrounding your lavatories wet invites them. Roaches will love a wet kitchen especially, so always dry up. Using a fan to dry away from any moisture in your home also helps to keep your home dry. 

If you keep practicing these pest prevention methods, surely you will be pest-free. Not only are they hygienic activities but they help save up on costs. There also exist some natural home items that could deter pests. These include:

  • Repellant plants such as peppermint, lavender, and garlic
  • Boric Acid Powder
  • Cucumber slices
  • Spices such as black pepper, mint, cinnamon, and turmeric
  • Diatomaceous earth
  • Cedar

It is best if you stay proactive with these approaches for keeping your house clean. You can prevent issues from happening with critters before they are an actual problem. By practicing these strategies, you discourage pests from entering your home and create boundaries with them. Cleanliness and disinfection are essential and will contribute to keeping your house pest-free. Always be on the lookout for any signs of critters to be on the safe side.

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