Moving to Beavercreek Ohio From New York

If you are moving from New York to Beavercreek, then there are a few things you need to know. Both of these fantastic cities are full of amazing homes, but Beavercreek has plenty of great small-town features that people love. If you are making a move from New York to Beavercreek, then keep reading to find out a few things you need to know.

1. Look at what life is like in Beavercreek

Beavercreek has a population of roughly 46,000 residents, and it is located just 13 minutes away from nearby Dayton. Residents there enjoy the small-town feeling along with the fantastic location. It’s a great town for anyone who wants to commute to larger cities while saving some money on their housing costs. 

The town is located near many nature preserves and natural areas, so you can be close to some of Ohio’s beautiful scenery without worrying about the skyscrapers in the way. Life in Beavercreek is much quieter and less busy than in New York, and it will likely be less expensive. Ohio is in the bottom 10 for expensive states to live in, so it’s a perfect state to move to if you want to start saving your money for the future. 

2. See what the homes are like in Beavercreek

Beavercreek has some of the best homes in the area, and they are priced at a great price. Though the price of new homes in Beavercreek is quite high, you’ll have an average home median sale price in the upper 200k range, which is an excellent price for the area. Most of the houses are single or two-story homes that are great for growing families, and there are also plenty of homes that are being built in some of the local subdivisions. 

The majority of homes in the city have 3 or 4 bedrooms. This shows that the houses are often larger than average (the average home in America is one to two bedrooms), which makes the low average price even better. Low prices for big homes are also great for anyone who is looking to buy some investment properties to rent out, as the rental market stats for Beavercreek show that around 25% of the residents are renting. 

3. Compare Beavercreek vs. New York

If you are coming from New York, you will likely get quite the culture shock. Beavercreek is significantly smaller, quieter, and easier to navigate than New York. Residents of the city rave about the fantastic green spaces and the kind-hearted people who live in the city. This is a vast difference from those who live in New York and often complain about the grumpy residents and annoying traffic. 

Some of the other significant differences have to do with the culture that comes from both places. New York is a mecca of art, fashion, and music, while Beavercreek has a higher focus on outdoor living. Those who crave being closer to nature will prefer the smaller city and adore the local trails that allow you to experience the fresh, clean air. 

The housing costs and cost of living are also quite different, which is excellent for anyone who is looking to save money for the future. The cost of living for Beavercreek is 89, which means it is 11% lower than the national average, while the cost of living for New York is a whopping 187 showing it is 87% more expensive. The average median home price in New York City is about 900k, which is 700k higher than the average for Beavercreek, so you will likely save quite a bit of money everywhere you go. 

4. Get to know Beavercreek 

If you are moving to Beavercreek from New York, then you should also be aware of some of the major employers in the city. The local air force base, Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, is one of the significant sources of income for the city, and many of the residents work on the base. The base is located very close to two of the major Universities that students in Beavercreek attend, Wright State University and Air Force Institute of Technology. 

Moving to Beavercreek from New York is quite a change, but it is an excellent idea for anyone who wants to be in a quieter and less expensive area. New homes are being built in Beavercreek all the time, along with hundreds of homes already built on the market. Moving from New York to Beavercreek is a fantastic idea if you are looking to save some money while living in a beautiful home. 

We hope you found this blog post on 4 Tips for Moving and Living to Beavercreek Ohio From New York useful. Be sure to check out our post on 10 Things to Remember Before Moving House for more great tips!

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