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Unused space in your house can be pretty awkward, especially when you don’t know what to do with it. Many homes end up with a spare room, unlike before, when small homes had the exact number of places that the homeowner needed. If you have an extra bedroom, there are many things you can do with it without breaking the bank and being redundant. The room might turn out to be something you and your family need, from a library or study to a play or recreation room.

No matter how small or big the unused space in your home is, you can devise an endless list of ideas to fill up that room in a practical manner. Interior designers and tiny home builders have an excellent eye for this. For example, Home Offer Solutions was able to turn a 400 square foot attic into an extra room in a house outside San Antonio. Keep on reading to find out some useful tips on what you can do with that unused space, and pick the best for you.

A Reading Room

This reading room can be a library, study, or home office for the entire family. If you like to sneak away and dive into some of the best novels or work from home, this room will be ideal for you. You can make the place your haven, depending on what you want to use it for. If it’s going to be a library only, you can arrange all your favorite books on patterned shelves and fix the room’s lighting. You can add overhead and wall lighting to give you enough comfort, no matter when you’re reading. For more convenience, your seating positions matter. Cushions and a snug recliner will do the trick. If you have little ones, you can get them comfortable chairs to sit and read in.

If you want to combine the library with a study or home office, you need to add a back-friendly chair and a versatile workstation. This way, you can comfortably take your office work home or do your work at home without going to the office. It would be best if you furnished it with ample cabinetry to create more space. This all depends on how big the room is. Although a library and office make an ideal combination, if you don’t have enough space, you can make it primarily an office, but fill the shelves with your favorite books and throw in a comfortable couch.

A Living Room

You can also use unused space to create a recreation, media, or living room in your home. It doesn’t matter if you already have a living room. The existing one can be for entertaining guests, while the extra can be for you and your family. You can create a media room where your family can gather at the end of a long day and connect. If your extra room is close to a balcony, a media room will be an ideal use for it. You can equip it with a flat-screen TV, a fireplace (either electric or otherwise), comfortable couches, a center table, and neutral, calming colors. You can also place board games and other entertaining items in the room.

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If you don’t want a media room as your extra living room, you can create a recreation room with your unused space. You can use this recreation room for a wide range of family activities, and it is even an ideal place to spend on your own or with your friends. Whether you want to sit there in the morning to drink a cup of tea and read the newspaper or stretch and meditate in silence, you can create the room to fit your needs. It’s more fun if you place a foosball or billiards table in the center. Add some comfortable furniture like sofas, throw pillows, and floor cushions. You might also have to adjust the lighting and add light-controlled windows to adjust when you need or don’t need the sunshine.

A Home Gym

If you’ve been considering some healthy habits, a home gym can never steer you wrong. A home gym is a welcome addition in any home and can lead to family bonding and increased healthy habits. Rather than paying for the gym in your neighborhood, you and your family can do your exercise in your home’s comfort. There are many ways to design a home gym, but everyone knows that a well-stocked home gym will require some of the latest equipment. Only buy the equipment that you need so you don’t end up with a cluttered gym. You might also have to repaint the walls and add some motivating design, posters, or paintings that make it seem more like a gym.

The lighting in any gym is also essential to not make mistakes, especially when you exercise at night. Spotlights on the ceiling or wall lighting will work well. You can also add a fridge and stock it with beverages and water that you might need after a workout session. Add a blaring speaker, and your home gym is good to go. If you have little ones, you can set up baby gyms or playmats in the corner of the room, away from all the heavy equipment.

A Mini-Bar

Do you enjoy drinking, and you have family and friends who do? You can find a new and sophisticated way to entertain them by fitting in a mini bar in your unused space. A private mini-bar in your home will make an ideal addition to your home. You can add bright chandelier lighting and convert the room to a lounge where drinks and fun come together. Setting up typical bar stools with a shelf full of your favorite beverages will be great. You can also add comfortable chairs and tables away from the bar and fit in a speaker and flat-screen TV. These will make the room ideal for karaoke sessions and happy hour.

Add a refrigerator, ice maker, and sink to the room, making it a complete bar. You can also close off the room, especially if you have children so that they don’t get into your wine cabinet. The painting you use in the room is also essential. Wooden designs work in any bar, although you can randomly tile the walls instead.

There are many tips and ideas you can use for unused space in your home. You can check out other ideas for making use of unused space you and your family need. You can also decide to remodel your home entirely with some universal home designs and add the unused room to the bill.

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