‘’A HOUSE is a HOME when it shelters the body and comforts the soul.’’

Whether you agreed with Phillip Moffitt or not, everyone wishes for an ideal house that is simply out of the world. A house with glassy walls must be a cozy cottage, a perfect space to escape from troubles of life, etc.

Is it true?

Designing Your House

Let’s be realistic. Of course, a perfect house is a place that you can proudly call your home, works well with children, simplifies your life, and functions like a dream. What about the common-sense features that add value to your house wither it is small or big, in the city or near a farm.

If you are planning to get or design a new house shortly or after a few years this guide is going to help you a lot in selecting a perfect space for your living. After all, the design is what makes anything great, let it be a house, or even some kraft boxes. For a house, it will be not only a dream house but a place that is more practical to give you and your family comfort and happiness.

In different stages of life, you place different demands on your house. That is why a perfect and smartest house design must be flexible enough to accommodate the maximum of your needs over the future. Here are the top 10 features of an ideal home that one should keep in mind to design their future house come home.

A Perfect Ceiling:

Although the 8-foot ceiling is a standard, if you have an option than a 9-foot ceiling works like magic. This 9-foot height adds an open feeling to your house. It is a little pricey too, but for an ideal house, it adds a boost to your house style. Combine this with one of these stylish ceiling fans and it can’t get any better. Ensure you check out the Ultimate Tips to Get the Perfect Window to go along with your perfect ceiling.

high ceiling

Connectivity and Visibility:

Mostly, the house is a family place, and the two key considerations for an ideal house design must be the connectivity and visibility. Choosing an option for a single level house is mostly suitable for low-income housing. Single-level houses are easy to care with no big extension ladders to reach the first floor. You get everything in reach from cleaning, repairing, and painting the house that saves your time, extra efforts, and money. Your space must be interconnected, and different areas must be visible also usually from the kitchen. A house for a family with small kids needs these features as essential to look after kids while performing housework.

Perfect Exposure to Natural Light:

Natural sunlight coming from windows provides you free heat or solar gain and in summers having a tree planted against these windows will keep your house fresh. Natural source of light also acts as a mood enhancer in winter blues, provides you relaxation in electricity bills, and improves the inner environment of your house. If you are lucky enough to have southern exposure then take full advantage of this natural indoor light. To conserve more and reduce your utility bill, many have followed this Step-by-Step Guide on Getting a Home Solar Power System.


Insulation is also one of the vital features of a house that is not visible, but you can actually feel it. Maximize insulation keeps indoor temperature stable and lowers the energy requirements of your house. Good padding also prevents molds and damages, adds value to your home, and increases comfort. Lastly, having proper insulation will help soundproof your home from outside noise.

Great Storage:

Sufficient storage is a big priority for every house owner. Whether they are built-in storage or storage rooms, you need both to keep tons of items there according to your needs. These storage spaces keep your house uncluttered, and thoughtfully designed storage also improves the functioning and shape of interior space.

Consider Functions:

It is essential to work on the design flow of your house and how the entire family will function in each space. It is better to place bedrooms or guest rooms away from noisy areas like the living room, dining room, and kitchen.

Outdoor Space:

Outdoor spaces in your house are not for enjoying only, these are healthy too. Spending time outdoor in your house garden or backyard helps to release stress and have quality family time. Decks and patios are the most desirable features of a house that cost just fractions to install as compared to year-round spaces.

outdoor space

Add Touches of Workplace Efficiency:

The addition of common sense touches in your house gives it an ergonomic feel. Use of livers instead of doorknobs, use of rocker switches to provide ease in doing on and off, and curbless showers eliminate potential trips and falls. Smart renovations will aid with home safety and energy consumption.

Bathrooms Suitable for the Whole Family:

In a small family house, one bathroom for two bedrooms is a minimum. The master bedroom must feature its own bathroom separate from the family bathrooms. Having a family bathroom in a small house is an ideal option that should ideally contain:

  • Both a shower and bath
  • To ensure splashes and quick spill, dry underfloor heating is also essential.
  • Practical flooring that withstands lots of puddle water and slips resistant as well
  • Plenty of storage for bath accessories of every family member and for bath toys.

Room with Multipurpose Features:

It is easy to design a study room, a playroom, and an activity room individually in a big house. For houses with small spaces, you need a room that accommodates different needs at different times. You can call it a common room that works as a multipurpose space for several needs.

A common room must be a larger one than other rooms with built-in storage spaces to keep essentials for different needs. There must be a bookshelf with a study table, an area for indoor games, and a proper sitting arrangement to accommodate the whole family at once.



Ideal house design must be durable, practical, and functional in every way, but don’t forget the fun factor to add. No house exists with imperfection, and it is not a bad thing in many ways. These little deficiencies give your home an individual and quirky look that represents the personality of its owner. To make a perfect house, you can take all the above-mentioned features into your consideration and then let it be done in the most natural and real way. This home will represent you and your vision for an ideal home!

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