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WordPress eCommerce plugins are a great way to boost your business effectively. The statistic can give you an insight regarding customers’ behavior: 56% of customers tend to abandon the cart because of unexpected costs for shipping. Ecommerce shipping can help with that.

This statistic means the success of business lies in choosing the shipping method very carefully. In this post we will highlight all the major essentials regarding shipping. An eCommerce development company can help to make your business a profitable one.

Moreover, if you have built your site on WordPress, you are one step ahead. Wordpress plugin development has eased the hurdles of business owners. With customized themes and plugins, one can create a truly supportive eCommerce site. Talk to your startup development company and make sure they are providing the following steps.

Follow the tips and take your business to the next level.

Use Free Shipping 

Step into the customer’s shoes. Now think, how many times have you abandoned the cart due to surplus shipping charges?

Customers will not spend any extra for shipping. When they purchase a small budget product, they are likely to expect free shipping. IMRG shows that shipping and delivery costs influence the customers to make a purchase.

Now take a look at the important numbers:

  • 77% of customers tend to abandon the basket
  • 53% of people think the delivery cost is the main reason for such behavior
  • 26% of visitors tend to add items on a cart to check delivery changes
  • 71% of shoppers want free shipping to complete a purchase

The success of all businesses is to meet the customers’ needs. High shipping costs are one of the reasons that businesses to fail. On the other hand, free shipping tends to improve average order value.

This is one of the prime reasons why businesses are looking for a free shipping method. Customers feel comfortable to shop with you. Moreover, when they know they do not have to spend any extra money, they are likely to get attracted to your brand.

Even if free shipping gives you a competitive advantage, there are some cons too. This marketing strategy can decrease your profit margin. For large products, businesses can charge a considerable amount of money from shipping. The good part is, major eCommerce plugins allow you to offer free shipping. WooCommerce allows you to give attractive free shipping coupons.

Consult with the eCommerce development company to add a free shipping method. With a simple shipping method, business becomes very simple and coveted among the users.

Real-Time Rates

Are you looking for a strategic approach? Use Real-Time Rates. Apart from free shipping, it is also a great way to stay in tune with customers. This is a very handy choice for oversized items. This way, customers can find the exact shipping rates and feel convinced.

A real-time rate also enables us to cope with shipping costs. However, there is a great disadvantage that may discourage your customers. Many customers may not have an idea of the real market. They might not be aware of the ecommerce shipping cost. Thus, when they find it on your page, they feel sticker-shocked and might hesitate to continue shopping.

Thus, testing and flat rate with the calculated rate is a smart approach to maintain the resources of the eCommerce shop.

How to get real-time rates based on the eCommerce plugin?


$79 for real-time rates from USPS

$79 for real-time rate from New Zealand

$79 for real-time rate from Canada Post


WP eCommerce can be integrated for USPS, UPS, and Australia in the core plugin. With a systematic store setting, you can get real-time rates. It can be used to manage inventory and rates with Shipwire.

The best part is, the core team has developed with a premium FedEx integration.


Though Shopp does not include real-time rates, it has several integrations available from the core team.

Drop Shopping

The largest risk one can have is maintaining inventory. For that, you need to stock products as required and deliver them when ordered. You must use suppliers who are reliable. They must meet and fulfill the order schedule. On the other hand, customer returns pose a major problem.

Some suppliers may not support returns, so choose one that accepts returns. For drop shipping, you have to set a specific shipping rate. Then, you need to pay the rates to the suppliers when needed. However, real-time rates may not be a good choice because they are based on the supplier’s location.

In a nutshell, the eCommerce plugin should export orders to the suppliers. Take a glance at some of the eCommerce plugin to support at this stage:

  • wooComerce
  • WPeC
  • Shopp
  • Exchange
  • Jigoshop

Flat Rates

If a real-time rate is a problematic approach for you, use flat rates. It is considered to be an ideal option for eCommerce business. It will require to fetch an average shipping cost per order before setting flat rates. The goal is to distribute the shipping cost evenly.

Flat rate shipping, on the other hand, allows getting a certain margin of loss for each order. For example: if the average shipping cost centers around $5 per order, you might get away with a flat rate of $4.99. it also works very well with small items.

Small orders typically are shipping in small parcels with lower shipping costs. Thus, it makes a balance between large and small items.

To Conclude

Considering all the facts and figures, there is no point in sitting back and thinking. It’s time to implement and execute these new strategies. All of the responsibility lies on the eCommerce development company.

If you haven’t considered changing to a smart ecommerce shipping policy, it’s high time to get one! You already know, the competition is tough; once you lose a customer, it is hard to get him/her back.

Thus, work on the root of the problem!

We hope you found this blog post: 4 Ways To Set eCommerce Shipping Methods With WordPress Plugins, useful. Be sure to check out our post Four Benefits of Using Online Shipping Platforms  for more great tips!

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