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There’s a lot to know about importing and exporting vehicles overseers. These are the two most frequently and commonly used options – RORO (Roll-on/Roll-off) and container shipping. People have diverse reasons that necessitate the choice of one of the appropriate methods for shipping your vehicle from one country to another. Each method has its unique sets of rules and regulations to ship a car safely and securely from one city to another. Here are the differences between Roll On Roll Off Shipping and Container Shipping.

Everyone wants to keep their transportation or shipping costs as low as possible. Therefore, it is essential to determining the best method for shipping your car overseas.  

The Roll On Roll Off Shipping

The term RORO denotes the type of sea transportation, which is used to transport various wheeled vehicles. It is used for shipping all types of vehicles including cars, buses, trucks, plant machinery, heavy agriculture utilities, yachts and boats, cranes, excavators and many other types of motorized vehicle. This method is the most preferable shipping method because of its cost-effectiveness.   

Roll on roll off shipments are carried out with the help of special RORO ships called rollers. They are equipped with ramps connecting the side with the pier. There are also forklift trucks and trailers on board the roller. This allows you to optimize the process of loading and unloading cargo.  

RORO cargoes cannot be stacked, so such transportation is less efficient than containerized cargoes since the vessel is able to accommodate fewer cargoes. There are hybrid vessels in which it is possible to carry both containerized cargo and rolling cargo. Throughout the world, rollers are the main mode of transport for transporting new cars.  


Shipping Benefits

The design feature of such ferries is that on the lower decks, rail cars, cars and trucks, and other rolling cargo are located. To drive wheeled vehicles onto a ferry, special devices are used to drive cars, the so-called bow and stern ramps, and side lap ports are special technological side openings. For loading and unloading of wheeled vehicles, they can use the so-called through movement system.  

With this shipping method, you do not have to pay export warehouses for container packing, crafting, port delivery or flat track loading. The workers of the port will take care of all the vital processes. 

RORO is more effective when shipping a car internationally, they will drop off your directly at your desired destination. But when shipping multiple vehicles, you need to unload the cars as you make the multiple trips. Alternatively, you can hire a car carrier trailer, which will drop off your vehicle at your destination. But it undoubtedly adds extra expenses.  

Container Shipping Methods

Roll on roll off ship method is the most popular and viable technique for single cars. However, it does face several geographical limitations. The RORO shipping is not accessible anywhere. Therefore, the container shipping method is used in this case. 

Container shipping is in great demand today. This is a convenient way to deliver goods in standard container dimensions, when trading between countries, for quick and reliable trade. Container shipping is the cheapest way to travel long distances. Delivery is carried out on container ships. You can transport any cargo: bulk, liquid, perishable, fragile and flammable. For this, special containers of any parameters are used.  


One of the most secure method and globally routes pretty much in the most popular ports. If you are shipping a brand new or a luxury car, then the container shipping method ensures that your car arrives without any damages. The workers load the car into a shipping container and then it is secured using nylon, rachet or chocks straps so that it does not move during transit. In addition, wooden braces are also placed around each of the vehicles’ tires and nailed to the floor to secure it properly.  

In order to save costs, place your additional items such as tires, repair machinery etc inside your container. The container shipped method will assure you that your goods will arrive at your port of choice safely. These containers are complied with strict regulations to make sure that they are structurally sound, watertight, and incapable of allowing damaging elements.  

Difference Between RORO and Container Shipping

Roll-on/Roll-off Shipping  Container Shipping
  • The car should be in running condition so it has to be driven onto the ship and also off it.
  • Store the car in an open/closed container. The car does not have to be in running condition to be shipped via container.
  • The car owner is not allowed to ship their personal belongings along with the car.
  • It allows for spare tires and other items to be shipped along with the car, depending on the size of the container.
  • It also guarantees reliable departure and arrival dates.
  • Also, it does not have a guarantee of reliable departure and arrival dates.
  • RORO shipping is typically the least expensive shipping method.
  • The cost of this method is slightly higher than RORO shipping, depending on the container types.
  • The RORO does not have global routes.
  • This method can get you pretty much anywhere you want to go.
  • Not Highly Secured.
  • Container shipping is more secure than the RORO shipping method.
  • RORO is more effective when shipping a single car as can be dropped off directly at your desired destination.
  • This method is equivalent for both single and multiple vehicles also.


Your choice between two shipping depends on your budget constraint and preferences. While deciding on shipping a car, you need to determine the origin of your vehicle, the destination, and all the associated costs. If you want to ship or transport a vehicle, you should hire the services of reliable freight agencies with efficient and competitively priced. 

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