A custom dream home is a brilliant project that most people only undertake once in their lives. For that reason building a custom home can be a complicated project with many important milestones that are difficult to reach without a dream contractor team, architect and designer that understands your needs and preferences. 

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1. Focus On The Land 

The plot of land on which you are building your custom home should be evaluated. Some pieces of land can be rocky or have issues with drainage or there can be specific laws that need to be followed in order for the land to be used for any residential purpose. Make sure you do your research and have preliminary procedures done such as leveling the land, doing termite treatments and so forth. 

The foundations are another matter you should consult your contractor on as early as possible as that will determine the longevity of your house and also its value on the real estate market years from now. For certain more isolated locations, it can be pricey to connect to the main grid for electric or sewer drainage so account for all those costs.

2. All The Amazing Features 

Most custom homeowners make a list of features and design elements that have inspired them over the years. Most people get inspired by movies or have a certain design era as inspiration and making a list of your must-haves can be useful as a starting point for the architect and designer. This is also an area of compromise as every design element will not be possible. Certain customizations are forbidden in certain areas as a matter of law such as having a certain number of storeys for example. There can be other reservations your designer will express such as the lay of the land or inherent limitations that prevent certain rooms from being built etc in custom homes Morgantown.

3. Bringing Together A Team To Die For 

A custom dream home is all about impossible unless you have a gifted architect, designer and team of contractors, builders and artisans on board. A custom home is different from the average suburban home due to all its design features and the expanse of the property so it cannot be made promptly without a long design period. Usually finding a great local contractor can be a domino effect leading you to great sub-contractors and experts such as carpenters, plumbers and so on since experienced contractors keep networking with other building professionals.

4. Network Analysis 

A network analysis or a critical path analysis is usually the evaluation of a project with several steps and milestones and it marks the amount of time each step will take to complete and which tasks are tied to later milestones. Contractors and project managers use this tool to map out how a large project is going to work especially when they have a deadline and need to manage human resource effectively. 

This analysis also makes allowance for sourcing materials for the build. You can work out one critical path with your main contractor and then use it as a monitoring tool. Monitoring progress is important regardless of the team you have at work. Make sure the experts you have hired are local or within reasonable commuting distance and that you have channels of communication open with them such as text or email and so forth. Make sure to visit the site of the build at least once or twice a week so you can suggest changes. Blind faith only works if you have worked with the contractor in question before and completely understand their methods.

5. Plan For A Future Lifestyle 

People can be between jobs and careers and everyone’s life is bound to change decades into the future. They may have children, pets or elderly parents living with them. The key is anticipating what your future needs will be as you will be living in your custom home for decades to come even if you eventually sell it. A future lifestyle will require all manner of design considerations such as greater accessibility, a larger kitchen or bathroom, ample guest bedrooms or any other addition you think relevant. Consideration for a future lifestyle also means an abundance of versatile spaces such as having various sitting areas in case you will be entertaining a lot over the years. 


Your custom dream home may be a lot of steps but it can be a wonderfully rewarding and satisfying process in which your creativity really reaches new heights. Building a beautiful custom home is a battle of stamina and wits and a lot of conscious choices such as the sustainable elements to add to the design such as green or solar roofs, vegetable gardens, or the use of reclaimed building materials. 

We hope you found this blog post on 5 Essential Tips For Building Your Custom Dream Home useful. Be sure to check out our post on A New Build Could Be The Perfect Home For You for more great tips!

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