The roof is an integral part of the longevity of your house, and yet few homeowners pay adequate attention to the timely maintenance and care that it requires. Each homeowner should have a roof maintenance schedule so that their roof ages the best way it can and costly premature repairs and replacements can be avoided down the line. Here are some essential tips for maintaining your roof.

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1. Make It A Point To Check 

Most experts say you should have paid roof cleanings at least every 3 months and a roof inspection by a professional twice a year. Getting your roof cleaned prevents many evils and nips them in the bud such as buildup of organic material that can cause mold or downspouts to get blocked and it also helps your roof to look aesthetically pleasing which contributes to your home’s curbside appeal. 

Professional roof cleaners use specialized tools to safely clean your roof and they are trained to not slip or have accidents. This type of skill and equipment is especially important for sloping or split-level roofs. A professional inspection can show signs of wear and tear before they get worse leading to extensive roof damage. Inspections can be very helpful especially after a storm, to ensure a roofing shingle is not cracked or the downspouts are not blocked with twigs, dirt and leaves.

2. Landscaping 

Many houses have large trees in the vicinity and whenever there is any kind of storm or the wind blows, leaves and twigs can land on your roof and keep accumulating. Trimming back the trees can prevent this from happening as organic material allows moisture to keep building up and eventually that does damage the roof. Landscaping can allow a better view of the roof which adds to the overall architectural allure of the house.

3. Downspouts & Gutters

Drainage and ventilation are often overlooked aspects of roof care and maintenance. It is notoriously easy for gutters and downspouts to get blocked which can lead to water gathering in the crevices and in the cracks in the roofing material especially in the case of flat roofs. Over time mold growth and subsequent shingle breakdown can result and costly repairs and replacements will be needed. 

If the area you live in has a long rainy season, you may need to keep tabs on the  drainage very often so that your roof can keep draining correctly without water damage occurring in the home. Ventilation is the second important piece of the puzzle and also integral in maintaining the health of the roof. Make a point of regularly inspecting the attic to check if air flow is functioning uninhibited and always get the vents cleaned. Debris and dust can get clogged in the vents so regular cleanings are required.

4. Flashing Maintenance 

Roof flashing is a piece of steel cut to measurement that is placed downward against important areas of a roof such as the sides or the chimney and it aids in proper drainage by preventing water accumulation. Flashing can erode or get damaged in storms therefore it is an element of the roof that needs to be inspected regularly. Flashing can help the insulation to function correctly and therefore it helps with energy bills and can prevent mold from developing. Speaking of flashing, always get the chimney cleaned to ensure smoke is leaving your house properly as that also affects the insulation. The caulking around the chimney in particular repels water but it does need touch ups at least once a year.

5. The Pros 

While many aspects of roof maintenance boil down to just homeowner elbow grease and vigilance, hiring a professional team like Bucks County Roofing Company boasts of many benefits. Professional teams can inspect and repair with proper tools and expertise, reducing the chances of repeated damage to your roofing material. Roofing companies especially well known ones have licenses and insurance in case of unlikely accidents. The city’s building regulations also get followed to the dot so you are never caught unaware by the law. 

You might be inspecting your roof yourself but there are many early signs of damage that can easily go unnoticed while will cost you a fortune in the long run. Create a roof maintenance and inspection schedule and know you are making an investment in the future health and value of your home. You would also be investing in your health and that of your family members as a leaking or damaged roof can worsen respiratory disorders and cause allergies due to mold or accumulated moisture. 


Roof maintenance is key in a healthy and happy home although most homeowners tend to the more visible parts of their house rather than pay attention to the roof. Timely repairs and keeping tabs on the health of your roof can cause your home to age well and be more valuable decades from now. 

We hope you found this blog post on 5 Essential Tips for Maintaining Your Roof useful. Be sure to check out our post on Comprehensive Guide to Roof Repair and Foundation Repair for more great tips!

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