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The year 2020 didn’t go well for the world. The pandemic situation has confined every individual to their homes for an undefined period. It is slightly changing now, and many places are opening their doors for tourism. You can start planning your long-awaited fun trip with your beloved pets now. You may be looking for a place to visit with pets.

But many places are still not open to visit, so it is pretty confusing to know where to go during this period. Keep reading as this post sheds a considerable amount of light on the best fun destinations that you can visit with your little pooches this upcoming year.

1.  India

The first and most beautiful place to visit with pets on this list has to be India. Chaotic, colorful, and land of diversity, this country offers you captivating landscapes and ideal places to roam around with your pets. The entire world seems to be represented within this peninsular country, known for its diverse cultures and delicious cuisines. If you want to see some marvelous architecture and impressive buildings, this country is an ideal place for you. From mountains to valleys and national parks, you can find all sorts of beauty right here.

And do not forget to get appropriate traveling gear for both of you. Even if you want only to visit only a few central regions here, the country is pretty big. You should also not forget to pack fashion dog boots to make them look fashionable in your memorable travel photos.

2. USA

Looking for a safe destination for your little pooches? Then nothing can get better than the USA. The country is quite welcoming for pets and has strict pet policies as well. The USA’s federal system also requires visitors to research the pet policies properly before entering the country to avoid hassles later.

This country happens to be a blissful one for pets. Right from the pet-friendly hotels to dog parks and beaches, you get access to many places to have fun with your pets. Also, you get access to specific pet socializing events and unique grooming salons for giving a proper pampering session to your little furball. The USA is a great place to visit with pets.

3. Morocco

If you have been delaying that trip to Morocco, it is the best time to plan a trip with your pet. It lies quite close to Europe, and is pretty visible from the Shores of Spain. But when it comes down to culture, landscapes, and lip-smacking cuisines, Morocco seems to be quite an ideal choice. You would be amazed to see the hand-woven rugs, market stalls selling fragrant spices, and the traditional ceramics around here. One of the most remarkable things to explore here with your pets would be the High Atlas Mountains.

You can trek through the mountains and wind through the remote Amazigh villages, spectacular mountain pastures, and remote farmland. Also, you get to visit the striking Sahara Desert,and you can even stay in a traditional camp with your pet. Make sure to make the entire journey comfortable and enjoyable for your furball as well.

woman playing in the water with a dog

4. Turkey

If you both want to go for a country ride with distinctive landscapes and histories around, try visiting the land of Turkey. Myths and legends seem to encircle this region, and as you look further, you get to see the unbelievable basalt chimneys and travertine terraces around. The natural features of this country are one-of-a-kind and help you to make unforgettable memories.

You get to view the lost histories of past civilizations here, and as you roam around the country, you and your little friend can soak in traditional cuisines and amazing landscapes. Right from underground cave homes to countless restaurants and open-air museums, you can visit fabulous places here. Turkey is another good place to visit with pets.

5. France

This is the best place to plan your fun activities with your little ones, as France is quite a pet-friendly destination across the globe. Paris is famous for many things, but it is an excellent place for fur babies.

There are many amazing landscapes to visit in France, and the delicacies here need no special mention. France is quite famous across the globe for both its great culture and delicious cuisines and wine. Stroll along with the joggers or meet new pet-friendly people here; you will get ample opportunities to make memories with your little furballs here.

Tips for Travelling with Your Pets

Here are a few expert tips that you must follow while you start traveling with your pets to other countries:

  • The primary concern you should always have for your pets is their comfort. Make sure to carry all their comfortable belongings to avoid any troubles later.
  • Carry some of the toys with you but not all. Also, if they are going on long car trips, make sure to allow room for their comfort in the car.
  • Be sure to carry all their vaccination details, prescriptions, and all other relevant paperwork with you for immigration purposes.
  • Keep your pet completely hydrated, no matter where you are traveling to or the weather conditions. Also, keep their treats by your side to keep your pets calm and motivated.


Keep these things in mind and start planning your next trip to these beautiful destinations as with your little furball. So, what are you waiting for? Pack your bags and buy all the necessary accessories for your pup.

We hope you found this blog post 5 Fun Destinations to Visit with Your Pet in 2021 useful. Be sure to check out our post Traveling with Pets for more great tips!


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