Moving is stressful and, if you are traveling with pets, even more so. Let us take care of the moving part while you make the necessary preparations for your pet(s). Here are some things you should know when moving and traveling with your pet in 2022.

Moving during the summer can be challenging, thanks to temperature-related restrictions and a higher volume of travelers. Still, with the right planning, you and your pet can enjoy smooth sailing.


Just like with kids, dogs and pets need to be well prepared for traveling. Having all the essentials ready for traveling with your dog can help relieve the stress and make the experience safe and comfortable for everyone involved.

Whether you are traveling with your pet by air or by car, it’s vital to have a checklist ready of everything you may need. Here are some of the general items you may want to add to your list.

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According to your pet’s breed, research the airlines and find out which preparations you’ll need to make. Some airlines offer options if your pet is not able to travel in the aircraft cabin with you. We’ve included a few major airlines and their traveling with pets page for your information:

American Airlines  –   United   –  Delta

Remember, it’s best to try to have your dog travel in the cabin beside you when traveling by air. This is particularly true if your dog has a short nose like a Pug or Bulldog. These dogs can struggle to regulate their temperature in the cargo hold, with potentially tragic consequences.

Make sure you plan well in advance, though. Places for dogs on a plane tend to be limited, and regulations differ from airline to airline. The rules also tend to change often, so ensure you triple check all arrangements.

Usually, a puppy has to be at least eight weeks old to travel on a plane, and all vaccinations should be up to date. Be prepared for extra fees if traveling in the cabin.

If you can’t avoid moving your pet in the cargo hold of a plane, avoid giving them any tranquilizers, which remove their ability to cope with the fluctuations of temperature.

Also, be sure to check the weather forecast of both the departure and arrival destination, as these can be extreme in the cargo hold.

Try to be on the same flight as your dog at all times and fly direct wherever possible to avoid delays and problems with a stopover.

Travel Kennel

Ventilation and comfort are key when it comes to creating a positive travel experience for your pet, so choose the right one. Choosing the right pet travel kennel is one of the most important parts of setting yourself up for a safe, smooth pet trip.

Many airlines have specific regulations on what sort of crate or carrier is allowed. They may also have restrictions on the weight, breed, or size of the dog you can travel with.

Where possible, it’s best to travel by car. However, this too needs its own set of planning.

It goes without saying that dogs should never be left in a car alone. But, neither should they be allowed to stick their head out of the window. Keep in mind, if a pebble can crack the windscreen of your vehicle, imagine what it can do to your pup’s eye.

Instead, a dog must be secured in a crate, carrier, or seatbelt. Some states may require a dog seat belt, be sure to check the laws of any states you are traveling through.

Even if there are no laws, it’s much safer for you and your dog if they are comfortably restrained while you travel.

Keeping your dog well-hydrated is essential, and travel on an empty stomach to avoid car sickness.

Give yourself plenty of time to make stops for potty runs and to stretch everyone’s legs, including yours.  Plan ahead, so you know where the safe, dog-friendly spots at which to stop—apps Like BringFido at great for this.

Just like kids, dogs grow bored on a long journey, and so it’s great to pack a favorite chew toy to keep them busy.



If your pet can travel, the airline will ask for a health certificate. Make sure to visit the vet and get a clean bill of health.


Some pets can benefit from a haircut before traveling, especially during the summer, but others won´t. Again, talk to your vet and do some research to make sure you’re making the best pre-travel decision.

Stay Flexible

Summer is a busier time for travel, so be prepared to face delays, last-minute changes, and other unexpected plot twists. Like everything in life, make sure you have a Plan B and even a Plan C.

Winter can pose its own set of problems, with some areas having below-freezing temperatures that a short-haired breed may struggle to handle.

If you need to stay over anywhere, be sure to book with pet-friendly accommodations. Also, ensure they know what type of pet you are bringing and if they have sufficient amenities available for your stay. Just like airlines, pet-friendly accommodations have their own rules and limitations, so never take it for granted that they will accept all-comers.

If you are traveling to another country, you also want to double and triple-check any laws or restrictions in that country. Some places, like Australia, require a six-month quarantine for any animals crossing the border.

Moving can be stressful, and moving with a pet can add to your concerns. But with proper planning or the help of a professional agency, you can increase the chances of a hassle-free trip.

Finding Help with Moving Professionals

We hope you found this blog post Moving and Traveling with your Pet in 2022 useful. Be sure to check out our post 5 Important Safety Tips For Moving With A Pet for more great tips!

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