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The process of selling your house can be immensely stressful. You want to be done quickly and smoothly without too much hassle.

There are many benefits to investing in home improvement before you attempt to sell your home. But the main objective is to make sure those home improvements give you a good return on investment.

We have compiled a list of 5 home improvement projects to tackle before selling your home. All of which are worth the investment in the long run.

Focus on Curb Appeal

New buyers often make their buying decision within seconds of viewing your house. This means a good first impression of your abode is crucial. 

Landscaping plays a large role in curb appeal. Do some shrub trimming, tree pruning, and grass reseeding. Then focus on updating your garden with inexpensive seasonal plants, ground cover, and splashes of color in the form of flowers, pots, and window boxes. Remember that buyers will prefer a low-maintenance garden.

A fresh coat of paint for your house’s exterior will bring a sense of freshness to your home. Buyers will certainly notice the scrapes, peels, and water damage that you’ve become accustomed to. 

White paint is an ideal color for exterior walls. White walls signify a blank canvas on which buyers can imagine their color.

Windows are an element of a house that is often overlooked. And we generally don’t notice how dirty they are until they’re clean! Hire a professional team to power wash your windows before you sell. 

Views from your house will be enhanced. And beautiful natural light will be let in.

Kitchen Upgrades

The kitchen is one of the central rooms of any house. And we have some suggestions for how to upgrade the heart of the home before you sell.

Once again, a fresh coat of paint can do wonders. You want your kitchen to have a sense of vitality and life in it. 

Since cabinets are usually the largest items in the kitchen, put some thought into updating them. Maybe a scrub and polish with a cabinet restorer are all you need. You could take it one step further with the painting and staining (or replacing) of drawers and doors. 

However, if what you truly need are new cabinets altogether, many fantastic cabinet brands won’t empty your pockets.

Also, consider replacing outdated appliances. Start with the smaller elements first, such as sinks and faucets. Then move on to the larger appliances if necessary.

Bathroom Updates

You’ve probably noticed that an old-looking bathroom can date a house. This highly personal room needs to have the appearance of being as new and clean as possible.

First, consider replacing old fixtures. Replace brass or metal-framed doors with frameless glass doors. Re-grout the shower. And add a towel bar or 2 for convenience. You’ll also want to install new fixtures for your sink and bathtub.

Good lighting is a vital aspect of a room where appearance is important. Look into some new pendant lights and ceiling fixtures, all the while keeping light colors consistent with the other hardware of your house. For example, brass fixtures can look dated, and mixing gold and silver tones is not advised.

We also recommend giving your flooring a modern update. Ensure that every nook and cranny gets a good scrub, and pay attention to those corners and baseboards! 

Repairs and Maintenance

You should never doubt the capabilities of new buyers to notice all deficiencies in their potential future house!

This extends to flooring, walls, and electrical and plumbing systems. 

If your floor is carpeted, we suggest doing a deep and thorough cleaning. Get rid of those odors that you don’t notice anymore. Be sure that those buyers will notice! 

Another option is to remove your carpets altogether. If you have wood flooring underneath, give it a good finish. 

It’s a big investment, but usually worth it, to install hardwood flooring. Hardwood is a huge selling point for a lot of buyers due to its beauty, durability, and easy upkeep. If you already have hardwood floors, reseal or stain them to add some extra splendor.

Make a thorough inspection of your plumbing and electrical systems. Fix the leaky faucets and toilets, the flickering lights, and the faulty doorbell. All of these seemingly small aspects leave a massive impression on buyers.

Energy Efficiency Improvements

Buyers are very likely to give your house a pass if your heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems are not up to date. And you will certainly be asked questions regarding the age, condition, and maintenance of these systems. 

If you’re selling, you’re moving. Whether you’re doing a local move or a long-distance move, you want to save money. And the large investment it takes to repair or replace these elements is worth it due to the good return on investment.

Everyone loves to be able to control the conditions of their environment. Install a programmable thermostat so buyers know they will be able to remain comfortable in their potential new home.

Windows that are cracked or warped, and inefficient insulation, will be major turnoffs for buyers who are energy conscious. What’s the point of being able to control your house’s temperature if the windows let in a draft? Or inefficient insulation makes your temperature maintenance efforts useless?

Update the insulation in your attic, walls, basement, and crawl spaces. The reduced energy bills will be very attractive to a potential buyer.

We hope you found this blog post on 5 Home Improvement Projects to Tackle Before Selling Your Home useful. Be sure to check out our post on Home Improvement Projects to Make a Home More Valuable for more great tips!

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