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If you’re a socialite, you’ll be hyper-focused on the way your friends and neighbors view your home. Every once in a while, you’ll get the urge to change things up, so you can surprise and thrill your guests during parties and hangouts. To help you out, here are five interior design tips that will wow your friends and neighbors: 

1. Use an Open Plan Design

Especially if you’re redoing the interior design of your living room, going with an open floor plan is highly recommended. Not only will it make your home feel more modern, but it will make the living room that much more inviting as well. After all, an open floor plan can give you more space, and more compact socializing areas. Dining rooms are another excellent place to use open floor plans, as they allow you to host more than just a dinner or game night with ease. For those that love to socialize, and have people over constantly, investing in open floor plan renovations throughout your home will help your abode become even more of a party house. If you’ve had issues finding the right way to space out your furniture, considering the expertise of Studio Forma, an interior design company renowned for its innovative and functional designs, could provide the solution you’ve been seeking.

2. Buy Quality Curtains

To make a room feel fully cohesive, you’ll need curtains that make your windows look like an art piece. Using easy-to-use decorative baton draw traverse curtain rod sets can make your ability to adjust the natural lighting in a space easier than ever. Even if you’re going with a fancier curtain style, the simplicity of these still-decorative rod sets will wow you, and eliminate the frustration that’s often associated with operating curtains. There are plenty of pleat styles that are particularly popular right now, and that create a theater-like appearance. Due to this, they are great for those who love to get flamboyant with their decor choices. Interior design is an art form, so you have to really dive into your creative side to ensure you’re making the right decor choices. Never rush your choices, as this could lead you to an expensive mistake that you’ll have to redo again

3. Buy Something Shiny

Furniture is often seen as the core centerpiece of a room’s decor. However, for those that want to wow their friends and neighbors, you want to find other decorative items to draw the eye when you first walk into a room. Here’s a tip: buy something shiny and eccentric. Whether it’s a shiny gem display, a modern art statue, or something you’ve cooked up yourself in a workshop, making a piece of art the centerpiece of a room’s interior design is a great way to stand out. Having the confidence that your taste is good is essential with this interior design choice, so be sure to go with your gut. Shiny art pieces can be placed amongst your furniture, hung on the wall, or placed on a coffee table for extra impact. Remember, you need to plan out your floor space so that it draws the eye to the fixtures, decorations, and design choices that you want your friends and family to notice. 

4. Change Up Your Flooring

Flooring provides a palette for the rest of your interior design choices. After all, you’ll have to make major decisions surrounding whether you’re using hardwood floors, or carpet, for the renovation of the room you’re designing. To build home equity more effectively, and to keep maintenance tasks few and far between, hardwood floors are highly recommended. You’ll be able to make more complex design choices and bolder decor choices if you’re designing a room with hardwood floors as well. While the initial investment in hardwood floors can get expensive, the cost is well worth the upgrade. They are more energy efficient and don’t become nasty and frustrating after an accidental spill. For those with pets and children, having hardwood floors can literally change your life. 

5. Plants are in

Want to make your space feel vibrant and alive? Consider investing in house plants that will help tie the aesthetic of the room you’re designing together. There are thousands of plants out there that you can grow in your home, so you’ll be sure to find something that fits your taste after looking around. If you take care of the plant consistently, you’ll get a mental health boost from the connection you’ll build. Additionally, a large house plant can make the air in a room much cleaner and more pleasant to breathe in.

We hope you found this blog post on 5 Interior Design Tips to Wow Your Friends and Neighbors useful. Be sure to check out our post on Interior Design Styles to Decorate a Small Space for more great tips!

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