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Check Out 5 Steps to Wholesale Real Estate

There are certain tricks you have to learn to be successful at wholesale real estate. Traditionally, real estate involves buying and holding a house long-term or flipping a house, but most people overlook wholesale. 

Unlike traditional real estate, wholesale real estate doesn’t involve buying a home. Instead, you gain the right to buy the house through contact and sell the right to the end buyer. Throughout the deal, you never buy the home. What you’re doing instead is negotiating for the rights to buy the property. When you sell the rights to the end buyer is when you make your money. 

Wholesale real estate is not something you attempt blindly, even if it is your gateway to real estate investing. You need to have a proven system to be successful at this. So, you must learn the five crucial steps involved in wholesale real estate. 

Step 1: carry out an in-depth market analysis.

One of the first things you do when you dive into wholesale real estate is to lay the groundwork for yourself. If you’re yet to land your first wholesale deal, then you must do due diligence and work towards achieving specific goals after the first month of your wholesale campaign. 

After the first month, you must ensure that you already know almost everything that you need to know about the market you’re dealing in. However, to do this, you must identify your market first. 

Your first responsibility is to identify three or more neighborhoods where you can conduct your business. Make sure that you have in mind the goal you want to achieve and find out the neighborhoods that offer the least resistance to your goal. It may shock you that your market isn’t as obvious as you first thought. 

Step 2: build a buyer list.

The next thing to do is to create a list of prospective buyers likely to be interested in the deals that come your way. This is your buyer list, and the contacts on it are the people you’re most comfortable calling when you finally land a deal. However, it has to be said that the list may not be exhaustive, so you don’t feel the need to add people that shouldn’t be on it. You may not even have up to 100 names at the start of your wholesale real estate. It’s more ideal that you start slow. Even if it’s five or ten potential buyers on your list, pay attention to quality over quantity, and they’ll help you achieve your goals. Having ten names on your list is okay if they all have the interest and capacity to buy the property. 

Step 3: logistics

To succeed as a real estate wholesaler, you must treat it as a business. Treating it as a hobby doesn’t mean you won’t succeed, but the likelihood of success increases when you invest more time in it, and you are likely to do it when you’re treating it as a business. 

So like other businesses, real estate wholesaling also has its complement of logistics. It’s impossible to run a business successfully without proper logistics. First, you must ensure an easy way for potential customers and prospects to find you. It is highly recommended that you set up a distinct phone line (different from your line) for people to contact you and create a series of business cards. This will help you to increase your chances of winning the deals that you find. And it’s impossible to land any agreement if there are no sure means of contacting you. So in the first few months of your operation as a real estate wholesaler, ensure you’re paying attention to logistics as your priority and do due diligence. 

Step 4: get the property under contract.

You have not fully understood how wholesale real estate works if you don’t know how to get the property under contract. What this means is that you have to negotiate with the homeowner at this stage. First, you need to find a motivated seller and assess the property up for sale. Then you try to reach an agreement with the property owner on the terms and correct price of the property. For both parties to reach an agreement on this, especially favorable for you, you need good negotiating skills. According to proessaywriting, here are a few things that you can do to make negotiating easier for you and reach a favorable agreement with the property owner. 

  • Develop rapport with the seller: once you meet with the property owner, the first thing to do is build a relationship with them. This goes past introducing yourself to them formally. Try to know them better and learn about their situation. This will give you an idea of their motivation and how you can proceed. 
  • Work towards their motivation: the goal of building a relationship with them is to discover what they want. Knowing this will make the negotiation more straightforward for both of you. 
  • Make an offer: making a beneficial offer to the seller makes things move faster. You’re not trying to steal the property from you. You are trying to help everybody involved. Try not to offer too much, though, since your offer is in the confines of an impending deal. 
  • Write down the terms: after agreeing with the seller, create a contract and put it down in writing. You must disclose your intentions and be completely transparent so that you may need a legal professional at this stage. The contract identifies your rights to the property at a predetermined price and lays all the terms bordering the impending deal. 

Step 5: find the end buyer.

Technically, you would have gone past this step, but this is the stage where you talk to them about buying the property and progressing the deal. It is ideal that you already have the end buyers before you start looking for the property. This will help you to be more precise with the type of home you are looking for. However, this may not always be the case, and you may have the property before finding the end buyer sometimes. The point is, this is the stage where you negotiate with them to buy the property or the right to the property.


Wholesale real estate may appear intimidating at first, but it is much simpler to undertake in reality. These transactions require transparency, but it does not mean it’s difficult. This article discusses some of the steps you need to take to succeed as a real estate wholesaler.

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