Playing a video game after moving out of parent's house

So you are now ready to move. That’s great! You have your own place finally. There are some things you should buy new.

You might think that maybe you should take a couple of things from your parents’ house, to make everything easier and cheaper.

And that’s ok, but there are some things that you should buy new and leave the old for your parents.

Let’s take a look at some things that you can get completely new or used on Craigslist.

A New Or Used TV

I know, nowadays young people don’t watch TV, but probably the TV will be a monitor for your PS5 or xBox.

And I know that a lot of you want to take one of the TVs from your parents house so you won’t have to buy one.

Because it’s not something that is cheap, right? Well, wrong!

You can get a new TV nowadays for as little as $300, and for a TV that’s actually not expensive.

For that $300 you can even get yourself a used big screen TV. So consider this. Leave the old TV for your parents’ bedroom or basement chill zone.

Don’t take that away from them.

Blankets and Sheets

small dog wrapped in a blanket

Oh yes, these are 2 things that youngsters tend to take from their parents when moving out. Especially even if you are moving to a college dorm.

But you shouldn’t. Not because your parents love those sheets and blankets or they don’t have enough of them. But just because it’s better to have fresh sheets and blankets for your new place.

And believe it or not, it will make you feel more comfortable and homey if you will have your own warm blanket not some old, washed-200- times one that feels like sandpaper.

You can’t even imagine what kind of great blankets you can get these days. Even a custom photo blanket from CanvasDiscount that will be just perfect for your new house or apartment.

And new sheets, well yeah, that’s the most important thing.

First Aid Kit

Some of you probably now are thinking … I already took my parents first aid kit stuff with me.

And that’s ok, as long as they have enough left for their own use. But most people have just a small collection of things that they use if some minor accident happens, like cutting a finger while making food and such.

And you should get buy new things for your place. Just check what your parents have at home, make a list and go to a pharmacy or any kind of store and get them.

Everything together will cost at most $60. You don’t have to be fancy or anything. Just something to take the headache away or patch a small wound.

Cleaning Supplies

And here you go – another thing that kids take a lot from their parents when moving out.

Why? Most youngsters don’t even know what they need to clean their house, because probably mom or a housekeeper had done that all their lives.

It’s better just to ask your parents what you need and buy that, so it lasts for a while at your new place.

Because if you take it from your parents and tell them to buy new for themselves, it will not be better for you. Because those cleaning things will be half empty probably, so you are the one who loses in the long term.

Tool Kit

Your parents probably have  a lot, for some minor things to fix around the house or car or just anything that needs fixing.

But if you take some tools from them, then what happens when they need some of those tools you took?

That’s why it’s better to buy a universal tool kit. And by the way, if you take those tools from your parents, probably you will take something that you will never use. So why bother yourself with stuff that you don’t need if you can buy a simple tool kit from Amazon?

We hope you found this blog post 5 Things To Buy New When You’re Moving Out From Parents’ House useful. Be sure to check out our post First Time Buyer? How To Furnish Your New Home For Less for more great tips!


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