5 Things to Know Before Moving to New Jersey

Changing your environment for one reason or another can be a great thing. But first, you need to do your research about the place you’re moving to. Research and proper planning will determine significantly how smooth or stressful your moving process will be. Here are some things to know before moving to New Jersey.

If you want to avoid any headaches resulting from your New Jersey move, here are certain things you can do to avoid that.

Tips Before Moving to New Jersey

Making your New Jersey moving experience worthwhile requires you to make some serious decisions. The most important things to consider are when do you intend to move, how you intend to move, and which long distance moving company you would like to hire.

How you’re planning to move these items is the essential thing to consider here. Are you hiring the service of long distance movers or you are using alternative methods to move your belongings?

However, there are 5 significant things to consider before moving to New Jersey:

 1. Get ready for the extreme weather condition in New Jersey

You won’t be able to understand the New Jersey weather until you live in it. Surprisingly, in New Jersey, you can have easters in the early spring, as well as, in the winter. Here, residents understand the importance of having a quality car battery, waterproof boots, and Blizzard suits. On average, there are usually about 30 thunderstorms every summer in New Jersey.

2. Stay alert and prepare for an emergency

No one said the city is not safe. Far from it. But due to the level of the extreme weather in New Jersey, you can experience several power outages each year. Although residents of New Jersey are used to the outages, this may be something you haven’t experienced as a newcomer.

3. Pumping your own gas is strictly illegal in New Jersey

Although this isn’t illegal in other places in the United States, here in New Jersey, pumping your gas is strictly prohibited. This was declared in 1949 after the fire outbreak that happened. As a result, it was declared illegal for the interest of the residents to pump their own gas.

4. New Jersey Left

New Jersey Left is officially known as a Jughandle while other cities like Michigan call it a roundabout. This is usually a very slippery road that can be confusing. Newcomers sometimes find this tricky. The idea is to change the method at which traffic turns left.

For example, instead of making your turn from a left-hand side turning lane, Jughandle uses a ramp on the road usually on the right side. In short, be prepared for different backtrackings at different times.

5. Set a budget and hire the best moving companies

Moving your belongings from one geographical area to the another shouldn’t be so costly. Hiring the services of long distance movers, will give you a safe and comfortable moving experience into New Jersey. We hope you enjoyed these tips on the things to know before moving to New Jersey.

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