How to improve exterior lighting

Exterior lighting does more than just enhance the curb appeal of commercial properties. It also reflects a business’s professionalism and ensures ease of navigation, especially after sunset.

Commercial LED flood lights are high-intensity, broad-beamed exterior lights that can illuminate outdoor spaces, such as parking lots, offices, shopping malls, hotels, large open spaces, sports fields, and hospitals. As their durability is high, they last for several years with minimal maintenance.

What’s more?

When placed strategically, they act as a deterrent to criminals and intruders, thereby improving the safety of commercial premises. Research shows commercial flood lights provide great security lighting for commercial and industrial spaces.

If your commercial outdoor space appears dim after sunset, consider commercial flood lights to brighten it up.

In this post, you will find five tips to improve exterior lighting with commercial flood lights.

Tip #1: Select the Best Beam Angle

The beam angle indicates the distribution of light and hence is crucial to achieving proper landscape lighting. According to National Electrical Manufacturers Association (NEMA) standards, the beam angles are broadly classified as follows –

  • Narrow: 18° – 29°
  • Medium: 46° – 70°
  • Wide: 100° – 130°

Wider beam angles exhibit more light but have low intensity. Whereas, narrower beam angles have less beam spread but high intensity.

What beam angle can achieve the perfect exterior lighting?

The answer depends on the outdoor space and infrastructure.

Commercial buildings need wider illumination for the entire space. However, they also need high-intensity luminescence for specific landscape elements, such as statues, flag poles, entry and exit doorways, and, most importantly, areas where security cameras are installed.

So, opting for commercial flood lights with a specific beam angle may not suffice. Consider multiple commercial flood lights with different beam angles for achieving perfect illumination.

Tip #2: Check the Angle of Elevation

The elevation angle is the inclination between the ground and line of sight from the observer’s eye to the object placed at a height.

When it comes to the positioning of exterior flood light fixtures, calculating the right angle of elevation is crucial as it can affect the visibility of visitors. The light should be synchronized with your visitors’ line of sight.

So, make sure you locate the commercial flood light fixture at such a height that its intensity remains unblocked by buildings, trees, vehicles, and other objects.

For instance, while placing the flood lights in parking lots, where mobility can be an issue after sunset, choose the elevation angle slightly higher than usual. This practice will ensure greater mobility, thereby enhancing visitors’ experience.

Tip #3: Consider Light Layering

Layering outfits and accessories can accentuate one’s look. The same goes for layering outdoor lighting.

Light layering can set up a visually and functionally balanced space for the visitors and hence, should be strategically done.

Here are a few light layering tips for creating a welcoming vibe.

  • Plant Mount LED High Power Flood Lights for Security:

Security is a vital aspect of any commercial property. So, mount high-power LED lights around surveillance devices to brighten up the space while taking care of safety.

  • Use Yoke Mount LED Flood Lights for Visibility:

These lights offer high visibility. Mounting them across the walls of the commercial property can aid in achieving a moonlight effect.

  • Highlight Exit and Entry Point with HID Lamps:

High-intensity discharge lamps (HID) produce intense light and thus can be used at the entrance and exit points. Their brightness quotient can help reduce the chances of your visitors and staff getting injured as they walk out or in during the dark.

Here are a few types of HID lamps to consider –

  • Metal halide lamps (ceramic MH)
  • Sodium vapor lamps
  • Mercury vapor lamps
  • Xenon short-arc lamps

Tip #4: Choose Motion-Activated Lighting

Motion-activated lights can be an excellent addition to your outdoor lighting stack.

They turn on by detecting visitors’ motion within their radar and turn off when there’s no motion. Hence, they can conserve energy and reduce your electricity bills. Besides, they can also serve as a preventive measure against break-ins.

If you have a lawn, they can further deter animals like mice and rabbits from destroying your beautiful garden.

What’s more?

They are easy to install, cost-effective, and can withstand extreme temperatures.

So, opt for highly durable motion-activated commercial flood lights to build an eye-grabbing landscape while reducing your carbon footprint.

Tip #5: Showcase Your Signage and Foliage

While investing effort and money into creating the exterior design, businesses often overlook foliage and signage.

However, highlighting the signboards and planter beds with accent flood lighting can help improve your brand reputation and enhance the curb appeal.

For instance, if you run a commercial movie hall, sprucing up the foliage can create a soothing experience for late-night visitors. Even if your business doesn’t operate at late night hours, highlighting the signboards can guide pedestrians, subtly acting as an advertisement for your business.

This tactic is a win-win for all types of businesses aiming to create exemplary exteriors.

Summing Up

High-quality exterior lighting can be achieved by placing the right flood lights in the right areas.

When plotted appropriately, commercial flood lights can act as an extension of your business image. Being highly versatile and cost-effective, they can help you achieve the perfect illumination without breaking your bank.

Implementing these tips can help you transform your outdoor space into a place that’s enjoyed and appreciated by your visitors.

We hope you found this blog post 5 Tips to Improve Exterior Lighting with Commercial Flood Lights useful. Be sure to check out our post 7 Ideas to Use Solar Lights in Your Home Décor That You Can Try Today for more great tips!

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