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If there’s one thing you should bring out this winter season, it’s those festive lights and home decor that bring out the best of the holidays! This is an awesome way to brighten up any home. However, they do use up a lot of electricity, which can be a hassle for those on a budget. Fortunately, there is a way to lighten up the house without having to consume electricity and pay hefty energy bills: solar lights!

But why use solar-powered decorations, and what type of décor should you invest in this winter season? Read on to find out!

Why Use Solar Lights?

How important is it to use solar lights, and why should you invest a bit extra in them anyway? Here are a few reasons:

  • They help the environment since using solar power can cut down greenhouse gas emissions
  • They are safer to use as they eliminate the need for using extension cords
  • LED light bulbs and solar-powered décor can last up to 50 times longer compared to others
  • They are actually pretty easy to set up, some just need to be staked into the ground
  • Solar lights and décor are much more durable and weather-proof
  • You have the option to adjust their lighting modes, having more options in decorating your home daily without the need to assemble or disassemble anything

If you are in Australia, you should look for Solar panels Gold Coast and light up your entire home with solar lights along with decorations.

Solar Powered Yard Decoration for the Winter Season

Now that you know why solar-powered yard decorations are great to use, the next question is: what should you invest in? Here are the top 7 solar-powered yard decorations perfect for the winter:

1. Brightly Colored Snowflake Solar Lights

The first thing you can use solar power for is for lighting, and what screams winter more than snowflakes? You can find awesome brightly-colored snowflake solar lights with colors that can be bright or adjusted to your liking. Best part: You only spend money on it once, then save on energy bills for years of using them during the winter seasons!

2. Inngree Solar String Lights 20 ft 30 LED 8 Modes Solar Snowflake Outdoor

Inngree Solar String Lights are great for the winter and Christmas season, as they are shaped like snowflakes to bring festivity to your home.

They are waterproof and perform amazingly, having strong LED lamps to last for years to come. Plus, they are very easy to install and operate, with 8 different modes to give your house the dazzle it deserves.

3. Joomer 2 Pack Solar Lights

Joomer String Lights are great because they’re 72 feet long and LED waterproof lights! They are best known for their strength and durability, as they are waterproof, withstanding any type of inclement weather throughout the winter season.

4. Establish a Festive Focal Point

Your front yard should have a winter season centerpiece for that instant glow up! It can be a decorative garland or lawn ornament that immediately catches the eyes.

You can find various solar centerpieces that need to be placed in areas that get full sun throughout the day, so they can light up for 8 hours at night.

Try solar-powered decorative sleighs for the porch, the nativity scene, holiday garlands, and more!

5. Turn Up the Sparkle on Your Patio or Deck

Don’t just leave the garlands and lights inside your home – transfer them outside and onto your patio or deck, too! Place the garland outdoors for more of a touch of the holidays, hang pretty wind chimes, and switch out the post lights!

There are so many styles and patterns you can choose from, like Solar Christmas garlands with bows and ornaments, tree wind chimes, and even solar LED post-caps with snowflake designs.

These decors only cost between $3-$20, making them a steal!

lighted artificial trees

6. GIGALUMI Solar Garden Light

Gigalumi solar garden lights are beautiful and aesthetic, as they have floral-shaped bulb casings. They are perfect to place in your garden!

They are powered using solar panels, so there is no external wiring needed. Simply stake them in the ground in areas with enough solar light exposure. Furthermore, they are weatherproof, so no worries about the harsh winter weather!

7. Bright LED Lights for a Garden Path

Welcome your visitors down a beautiful, winter-themed lane when installing solar pathway lights. Not only can they be used as winter décor, but also as safety lighting for security purposes (and to prevent accidents).

There are many decorative lights you can choose from to suit any holiday or season. You can either line up the driveway for a front walk with solar path lights, or as garden accents during the day.

You can find candy cane LED path lights, Christmas tree-designed solar stake lights, or even color-changing solar path lights with the shape of a candle!

Wrapping It Up

Solar power is a helpful and beneficial way to light up your entire home. But if you aren’t ready for solar power just yet, you can always invest in solar-powered decorations to make your home look beautiful this winter without spending too much energy. With these awesome décor selections, you’ll have an amazing-looking home while taking advantage of the wonders of solar.

So, don’t wait any longer and take advantage of solar power today!

We hope you found this blog post 7 Ideas to Use Solar Lights in Your Home Décor That You Can Try Today useful. Be sure to check out our post Solar Architecture: Solar Home Projects to Try This Winter for more great ideas!


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