Moving cross country can be a nerve-wracking experience. There are so many details to keep track of. You have to make sure everything is packed and ready to go. Yes, you can hire movers from a moving company to help you transport your belongings, but actually packing your items can be very tiring. There are many tips to plan your long distance move that you can follow.  Here are 5 Ways to Move Cross Country:

Before you start to lose your sanity in despair, we offer you the best assistance that can easily sweep away your worries for your cross-country moving experience. We will be covering a range of tips that can offer some assistance. Such as, ways on how you can lower your moving expenses, carry out the relocation process within your set budget and plans to organize your belongings. This is to ensure they are transported to your new cross-country home in a safe and sound condition.

Read on if you are interested in some of the following ways you can move cross country under an affordable budget.

Analyze and Downsize

You will have to say goodbye to some of your precious possessions. The amount of stuff you want to take with you determines the increase in amount of expenses required for the move. Basically, if you don’t let go of some of your items, you are adding up the trouble of taking too much luggage. Some you didn’t have to take or need in the first place.

We know you will have trouble parting with your items but trust us- we have a good reason for asking you to do that. If you consider things more logically, then you should know that the items you plan to take will actually cost you A LOT less than the costs required for moving them cross country. Such as, your TV, fridge, bed, etc.

Hence, prioritize your items and only pack the essentials that are irreplaceable to you at most. You can save up more money this way. Giving you no regrets buying your favorite flat screen TV in the newest model available the moment you settle down in your new home.

Sell the Leftovers

Just because you can buy the new items doesn’t mean you have to throw your prized and personal precious belongings right into the trash can. There are ways in which you can put these things to a new use while at the same time earn a bit of cash for yourself.

Separate your unwanted items and put them up for sale. Some of the ways you can do that is to set up a garage sale or post about items for sale on online community forums. Such as, Craigslist and Freecycle. You can even donate your items to thrift stores or homeless centers. However, if your items are no longer of functional use, throw them away instead.

Rent a Cargo Trailer

After all that cleaning and packing of your items are taken care of, hire a freight company. They have some really good and affordable services. According to the guidelines, the agency lets you store up your belongings in a trailer during a period of three days. Then, they drive your stuff towards your new residence within the range of somewhere of $3000.

Ship it Away

Another efficient method to transport your things is to ship them cross country through the aid of online shipping providers. However, there are instances where your things could get damaged as they might bounce around during the transportation period. If most of the things you have to ship are fragile or delicate, make sure to pack your boxes properly. Invest in some good and sturdy quality moving boxes and industrial strength packing tape.

Wrap up the boxes firmly for extra support and that should keep your possessions secure during the travel. It takes a few weeks for your items to reach your new lodgings. It is still comparatively cheap considering other moving methods. Also, if you’re not picky of the departure time of your belongings, this mode of plan is highly recommended for you.

Look out for the Moving Time

During the peak of moving dates you have to deal with watching all the prices increase a crazy amount. This is when a lot of people are trying to move all at the same time. Whether it’s renting moving trucks or hiring a moving company. To save yourself some extra cash, avoid moving on weekends and the time during Memorial and Labor Day.

Finding Help with Moving Professionals

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