Whether you have decided to move long distance to get closer to your better-half so that your relationship does not get affected due to the distance, or you have decided to take the leap of faith and accept that new job opportunity in New York, or you want to start all over again, the idea of a long distance move is sure to stress you out. However, if you keep some essential things in mind and plan and execute your move accordingly, the process can become less painful and more hassle-free both physically, emotionally and financially.

Move In the Off-Season:

Doing anything off-season is less expensive, be it shopping, traveling or even moving. Often people move in the summer season, which makes moving companies charge a higher price: the simple demand and supply rule you studies in Economics class. If you are on a budget and could save every penny, try to keep your move in the off season like spring, winter or fall. Also not moving in the summer will mean lesser sweating and dehydration, hence you might not feel as exhausted or sick as you would be you moving in the summer.

Be Smart with Your Packing:

Unboxing is easier when you are smart with your boxing. As exhausting as it may sound to dedicate time solely to organizing things beforehand, it will prove to be useful. Instead of just randomly stuffing your belongings in boxes, take some extra time out to sit and sort through your stuff, categorize it and put them in labeled boxes. That way, not only will your unboxing become easier and way quicker, but you will also know how each box needs to be handled during the shifting process since all the fragile things will be packed and labeled separately.

Downsize – Less Is More:

We understand that you have had that teddy bear since you were 3 and (you think) you cannot possibly sleep without it or that vintage cutlery set that it too beautiful to use came with your mother’s dowry and hence must be kept forever. Now you need to understand that prioritizing is essential, and prioritizing means keeping the important things first and even letting go of the things that you can do without. Make a list of necessities and try to give away/sell the things that are in good condition but you probably will not be needing. Remember, the less stuff, the lesser the shipping you pay for your long distance move.

Plan Ahead:

You don’t just wake up one morning and decide you’re moving into a new house, right? You make your decision weeks or even months ago before your moving date. This gives you all that time for planning your move. You’re probably holding garage sales to clear up the unwanted mess to researching on the new place where you will be moving. Additionally, you may be looking up the contacts that you may already have there to finding out about professional, reliable moving companies.  It’s important to do everything that can be done ahead and save yourself from unnecessary anxiety during the move.

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