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Wine and travel is the best combination. Every wine lover has a bucket list of wineries to visit. The combination of sun-kissed orchards of vines laden with fragrant grapes and the chance to sample the best wines is irresistible. The wine lover in you will love to savor Tott’s Champagne and Bordeaux wine at quaint wineries. The recent interest in wine has sparked a surge in travel destinations of winemaking towns across the globe. Many people have favorite wine travel destinations. Some of the most picturesque winemaking vacations are listed below.

pouring wine into glasses

1. Saint-Émilion In Bordeaux

The Bordeaux region in France is dotted with historic wine towns. The area is the touchstone for wine tourism. The verdant valley is filled with other tourist attractions like the Les Cordeliers Winery, which also houses a 14th-century monastery of significant sight-seeing interest. Wine masters with a reputable heritage own the rustic wineries. The region is famous for its full-bodied, robust red wines. The region has a history of chocolate making and olive tasting that make it attractive to the foodie in you.

The sheer beauty of the landscape and traditional winemaking processes has won many hearts over the years. It still remains the number one wine tourism destination even after many new ones have become popular. Château Coutet, Château Troplong Mondot, and Maison du Vin are amongst the most famous wineries.

vineyard with castle in background

2. Tassie In Tasmania

The remote and isolated Tasmania region is the choice of wine tourists looking for a secluded holiday. The heart-shaped island has become a favorite for wine lovers. Low rolling hills, urban wineries, and whiskey distilleries are the major tourist attractions. The traveler in you will love the capital city, Hobart. The city is full of gourmet dining spots and countryside cellars.

The appeal of nature’s bountiful beauty and world-class wine is the haven of wine vacationers.

Sparkling wine with high-quality fizz is the choice that made Tasmania’s reputation as a global wine destination. Pinot Noir, Chardonnay, Shiraz, and Riesling are the pours of choice here. The cool climate and abundant rainfall make the weather attractive to travelers.

3. Temecula Valley

Western Riverside County houses the Temecula Valley, a prime wine-growing region near Los Angeles, San Diego, and Orange County. The last five decades have seen the prominence of wine growing in this area. The majestic Santa Margarita Mountains make an impressive backdrop to the lush vineyards that populate the area. The “Rainbow Gap’ in these mountains is the area that dominates the weather conditions that make the area conducive to wine growing.

The warm weather, coupled with cool winds and fog created by the Pacific Ocean wind makes the weather perfect for vacationers. The mosaic of volcanic grounds makes the area beautiful. The thriving hospitality industry includes over forty wineries and a multitude of hotels. The casino is also a significant attraction. It is truly the best of all tourist spots. The red blends of wine are the most sought after.

4. Maipo Valley In Chile

Chile’s Andean peaks are the stunning backdrop for the wine-growing region Maipo Valley. It is the most mesmerizing vista that makes this valley one of the most famous wine tourism destinations. The dark, alluvial soil, sunny days, and cool evenings make it pleasant and a perfect travel spot. The imposing haciendas and verdant countryside make for a lazy stay.

The red wines are globally renowned. Wine aficionados love the perfumed wine combined with silky tannins that are famous at Maipo Valley. The iconic Chilean wines include the Almavira, Don Mechlor, and Vina Chadwick. It is a piece of heaven on earth.

grapes on a vine

5. Douro Valley In Portugal

The meandering Douro river flows through this historic UNESCO World Heritage site filled with vintage wine-producing ‘Quintas.’ The stone terraced vineyards are a grand sight and have been prolific vineyards since the third century A.D. The world-famous Port is a must-see among favorite wine travel destinations. Guided tours and wine tasting make this valley a wine lover traveler’s delight. The river also hosts a wine cruise that is the jewel in the crown for diehard wine lovers.

The globally acclaimed Vinho Verde is the white wine that this area is famous for. Boutique wines from indigenous grapes like the Alfrocheiro are lesser-known but a connoisseur’s delight. It would be best to visit the Douro valley Portugal between September and October to enjoy the wine season at its best.

6. Franschhoek In South Africa

The heart of the Cape Winelands is nestled amongst towering mountains. Franschhoek is the ultimate travel destination for nature lovers. The quaint village has a smattering of lush vineyards that make it look gorgeous. The region has a history of chocolate making and olive tasting that make it attractive to the foodie in you.

Visit Franschhoek from September to February to enjoy full-bodied red wines like Shiraz and Pinot Noir at reputed wineries like the Chamoix, La Motte, and Allée Bleue. Wine tasting and food tours are the popular attractions that you can look forward to here.

7. Thessaloniki In Greece

The resplendent Greek island of Thessaloniki is a lesser-known but equally beautiful tourist destination. The magnificent heritage sites and impressive ruins dating from the third century are the history buff’s ultimate dream. The stunning city has buildings of various styles from nearly every period. The colorful markets are noisy and cheerful and add to the town’s old-world charm. The old warehouses have been converted into trendy restaurants that serve local food and wines that tease the palate. The many wineries that surround the city make it a wine lover’s paradise.

wine grapes, a barrel, and wine glasses

The native Assyrtiko and Malagousia white grapes are the base of the wines that locals prefer. Xinomavro is the robust red grape variety that goes into making red wine. The boutique wineries in the region have developed high-quality wines that entice the wine lover. The beauteous surroundings, vineyards, and local flavor make this island the perfect wine tourism destination.

The off-the-beaten-path destinations are often the ones that win hearts. Look for the best times to visit these wineries and enjoy the natural beauty and hearty wines that will pique the interest of the most jaded traveler.

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