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The United States has exquisite places to visit for vacation or holidays. But Hawaii is a dream destination for a perfect vacation. Oahu, Hawaii is one of the most exquisite tourist places with lots of things to do. You can enjoy the DJ to rejuvenate yourself and can carry out activities like life size jenga, dance and more. You can visit Hawaii anytime of the year, but the cheapest time to visit Hawaii is from September to the start of December. So book your flight and accommodations in advance and enjoy your vacation in Oahu, Hawaii. Here are the 7 best fun things to do in Oahu, Hawaii.

1. Go to a Luau

Are you curious about exploring different cultures of the world? Want to know about Hawaiian culture? Then a Luau is one of the best places to experience cultural dance. Hawaiian culture is a special part of Oahu and the Luau at Paradise Cove transports visitors back to nostalgic times in Hawaiian history. It creates an authentic experience that showcases the life of Hawaiian people, their lifestyle, food, and celebrates their festivals. Likewise, it also gives an idea about what ancient Hawaiian people were like. Luau means feast and you should enjoy food items like Lomi salmon (a fusional salmon and tomato salad) , cold haupia (coconut jello dessert), taro bread rolls, and other Hawaiian dishes. You can enjoy melodious music and relax totally.

2. Street Food

No matter where you go, food is all you need. Whether it’s the USA, South Asia, Australia or Canada, when the food is good, the mood is absolutely good. The same is true in Oahu, Hawaii. From cheesy waffle dogs, malasada burgers, pizza, lemonade, every type of food item in assorted varieties is served here.

3. Gaze at a Sunrise and Sunset

What’s more interesting and peaceful than watching a sunrise or sunset with your loved one? The warm and calm sea kissing the smooth sand on the coast, pristine waters merged with the sun’s color to make a wonderful day and dawn. These scenes always make the beach attractive. The beauty of Kailua Beach is stunning, and the beauty of Windward Island and watching the mesmerizing panoramic view of Moku Iki island are indeed unforgettable.

4. Surfing

Where there are sea and beaches, it’s time to enjoy some enthralling water activities. Scuba diving, surfing, or any water sport you love you can perform in Oahu, Hawaii. As home to impeccably beautiful beaches, Hawaii allows a visitor to perform a plethora of water sports and activities. Initially, the sport of surfing was reserved only for Hawaiians but elite athletes helped to spread the sport around the world. Hawaii has pristine beaches and unique waves which make it perfect for surfing. You can learn surfing from qualified instructors or surfing groups in Hawaii. While surfing you might also have the chance to view dancing dolphins, whales, turtles, and other aquatic wildlife.

5. Iolani Palace

During the 19th Century, Hawaii was ruled by monarchies, and the Iolani Palace was the official residence of the monarch. King Kalakaua and his sister Queen Liliuokalani ruled the royal monarchy of Hawaii. The palace is one of the most lavish and storied places you can ever visit. Walk through the corridors and explore the beauty of the enchanting royal palace. Travelers also get to explore the private chambers of the royal family, rooms where they lived and performed household activities.

6. Shopping

Shopping! Shopping! Shopping! How can we forget about shopping? Aloha Stadium’s Swap Meet is the best place to buy anything for you or for your loved ones. It has 400+ merchants and a traveler can get matchless gifts and items here: electronic gadgets, antique hand purses, apparel, shoes, cosmetics, beauty products, home decor accessories, and lots more. Moreover, you can drink coconut water here with friends or loved ones.

7. Drive Around The Island

There is nothing more exciting than a long drive and exploring the bewitching beauty of the Island. In Hawaii, you say “Holo Holo” which simply means go out and have a leisurely ride. Go to the countryside and explore. Snap images that can later be uploaded on social media. Dole Plantation, Pineapple Garden Maze, Pineapple Whip, and Byodo-In Temple are some of the places to visit in Hawaii.

There are one-of-a-kind places to visit in Oahu Hawaii and many things to do here. All you need to do is relax and spend time here. Put your phones and laptops away and dive deeper into the natural and astounding beauty of Oahu beaches, resorts, forts, palaces, and much more. Enjoy the food and take a long drive.

We hope you found this blog post 7 Best Fun Things To Do In Oahu Hawaii useful. Be sure to check out our post Tips For Airline Travel for more great tips!


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