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Lazy warm weather afternoons and cozy summer evenings are things many of us are looking forward to when moving into a new home. To be able to take full advantage of hot summer days lying ahead, you might want to make a couple of upgrades in your outdoor space. Whether you’re working with a small patio or an extravagant lounge area with a pool, here are seven changes you can make to instantly boost your outdoor space.

Fire pits for cozy summer nights

Practical and versatile, fire pits are an excellent choice for creating an al fresco lounge area. Whether you’re looking for a place where you and your friends can gather around or a cooking area with an open flame to roast your marshmallows over, fire pits make the perfect addition to any contemporary home. Besides being highly functional, they can really enhance the appearance of your outdoor area and make it more welcoming and inviting. When the summer sun goes down, the fire pit will give your patio a nice warm glow, while the flickering of the flames will help you relax and unwind. This is a great way to boost your backyard area.

enclosed backyard with fire pit

Concrete flooring for a modern look

If you’re looking for a way to spruce up your outdoor area and give it an elegant look, consider investing in decorative concrete. Patios and decks generally tend to look better when they’re built using this particular material. Natural-looking and low-maintenance concrete flooring fits in seamlessly with any outdoor landscape, and its slip-resistant surface makes it a much safer option compared to other types of outdoor flooring. Another reason why concrete makes for a great option is that it is fireproof, meaning it can easily accommodate a fire feature if you are considering adding one. By opting for quality concrete flooring, you’ll be creating an outdoor oasis that is perfect for entertaining and spending warm, summer nights outside.

Comfortable floor coverings to up the coziness factor

Just like indoor spaces, outdoor areas can also benefit from the addition of comfortable floor coverings. Adding an extra layer to outdoor flooring is an excellent way to make any area cozier and more inviting, whether we’re talking about a porch, balcony, pool deck, or an outdoor living room. Perfect for creating a pleasant outdoor ambiance, modern outdoor rugs act as unifying decor elements, pulling the seating area together and injecting a dose of personality into your backyard design. They can help ground the area and create that ‘lived in’ look while also serving a practical purpose of keeping the surfaces beneath scratch-free.

Chic and comfy furniture for your outdoor retreat

When selecting furniture set for your outdoor area, investing in weather-resistant furniture is your safest bet. Aluminum, synthetic resin, stainless steel, and teak are all great examples of weatherproof materials, and since they are more durable than other materials, they are going to last you longer. Purchasing high-quality outdoor furniture will spare you the unnecessary hassle of buying new furniture sets every couple of years, thus saving you money in the long run. Another way to save some money in the process would be to opt for ready-to-assemble furniture. It usually costs less than pre-built versions, since it requires you, the homeowner, to assemble it by yourself, allowing you save the cost of paying the others to do it for you.

backyard with patio furniture

A minibar and a grill for friendly gatherings

If you are looking to create an area that’s not reserved only for relaxing but also enjoying your meals and drinks out in the open, a grill and a minibar are sure to boost your outdoor space. They are the perfect addition to your outdoor space if you enjoy dining al fresco. With an outdoor BBQ grill installed, you can hang out with friends and family and prepare food at the same time. Opt for a gazebo grill bar if you don’t have much backyard storage space – it will stand the test of time and you won’t have to worry if it’s raining outside. Besides, your BBQ gazebo bar or grillzebo will also double as a minibar, so you can enjoy your margaritas while preparing hearty meals for your loved ones.

A water feature as a focal point of your serene haven

Whether you opt for a fountain or a small fishpond, adding a water feature is sure to create a more peaceful, calming environment. The soothing sound of flowing water makes it perfect for practicing yoga and meditating early in the morning. It can also help you focus, silence your thoughts, and reconnect with yourself – what better way to start the day? Another reason why you should consider implementing a water feature is the fact that it serves as a drinking source for your pets and birds and a playing area for your kids – just make sure you don’t use any chemicals for cleaning the fountain. A fountain will also drown out the noises coming from the street and make a great focal point for your serene haven.

LED and solar lights to light up your outdoor oasis

Incorporating solar and LED lights, using different lighting techniques, is a great way to illuminate your outdoor area in the evening and boost your outdoor space. Other than lasting significantly longer compared to traditional lighting, LEDs and solar lights are very energy-efficient, and investing in them makes more financial sense in the long run. From pendant lamps and fairy lights to solar rope lights and solar step lights, there are different ways to illuminate different outdoor areas and make them safer and easier to navigate. Floor lamps and string lights make for stylish add-ons to a seating area, while candles and lanterns will create a warm, cozy ambiance.


There are many things you can do around your backyard to make it more comfortable and welcoming. By following our tips, you are sure to create the perfect outdoor area you can use to relax and enjoy together with your family and friends.

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