One of the most important queries while traveling is the moving of furniture. Garden furnishings are expensive, and people are very possessive about them. For this reason, packing high-quality garden and outdoor furniture often gets tricky. As per the courtesy of MarketWatch, the global furniture market is most likely to cross 23.60 billion US dollars by 2025.

The online market of today is making it easy for people to purchase garden furniture at low rates. However, shifting it causes all the worry. Therefore, look around here to come across the tips for moving your garden and outdoor furniture without damaging it.

Cleaning Your Garden Furniture

Garden Furniture

An essential step while moving with your furniture is cleaning it. Outdoor and garden furniture is most likely to catch dirt. When you plan to clean it before moving out, things get easy while shifting in your new house.

Always remember, unstained and clean furnishings will help you place it with anything from the indoors. This strategy also makes sure of any insects hitchhikers and enables you to load safe furniture. The spiders and wasps that hide in your patio furniture only reveal at proper cleaning. As a result, you can keep all the bugs away from your new house.

Opting Out the Usable Furnishings

While you plan to move to your new house, try to carry with you the items you will literally use. Packing up the useless and damaged patio furniture altogether is a waste of time and space. Inspect everything while you go through the cleaning process.

Often the used kids’ playhouses and old fashion furniture make no sense in your new house. Try to gather modern and trendy outdoor and garden furniture for packing. Any parts that you can resell will lower your expenditure rates and save space. Therefore, know everything that your new house needs and then proceed.

Disassembling Your Garden Furniture

Of course, you will disassemble your furnishings while shifting to a new place. Always make sure to dismantle your patio furniture as much as possible. Make sure to do this properly to prevent any damage to your expensive garden items. Some of the pieces can get tricky to wrap up; therefore, try to do it the right way.

For example, BillyOh has a collection of modern garden furniture available through BillyOh voucher codes. It often has a glass top on its rattan furnishings. Always wrap such fragile items in bubble wrap after dismantling them by the book.

Placing Loose Parts Together

While you dismantle your outdoor furniture, make sure to pack it with important parts properly. Often large yard pieces require screws and relatable components to assemble. Keep these together in a bag to stay away from any lost and found games during unloading.

It will help you safely keep the items and assure you if every minor component is packed or not. Also, it will let you find out if there are any lost or damaged screws your furniture may need to renew in the new house.

Packing Your Garden Furniture


The primary damage your furniture often comes across includes scratches, scraps, and dents. Wrapping pieces that cannot disassemble is tricky and essential to know. Always gather proper materials like moving blankets, bubble wraps, and packing paper for enclosing your patio items.

Cover the sharp edges for your own protection and conceal fragile items in bubble wrap and moving blankets both. Seal the wrapping always and make sure to keep smaller yard furnishings in plastic bags for safety.

Moving Your Garden Pots

Moving plants to a new house is stressful and causes a lot of damage. The pots having plants within cannot be wrapped like all the other garden and outdoor furniture. For these, try to find wooden boxes with ventilation holes and enclose them properly.

Fold moving blankets around the pots while placing them to prevent any damage to the pots. Try to let the plant breathe and do not load them in an open truck. While you move to a new house, try to find a place that can fit your pots, making sure to prevent the furniture and plants from any climate change.

The Bottom Line

In case you still have trouble moving and packing your garden and outdoor furniture, look out for moving services. They can guide you and also help you pack your furnishing pieces as per your desire.

Rather than wasting time and ending up in an unwanted situation, call for help if it is your first time. Once you get familiar with the tips, save some money and move quickly.

Finding Help with Moving Professionals

We hope you found this blog on Tips for Moving With Garden and Outdoor Furniture useful. For more Moving Tips, check out this one blog of  Moving Checklist with Pictures.

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