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If the idea of a career in the property industry has always appealed to you, there are several avenues for you to consider. The term ‘real estate’ can cover a wide range of jobs, several of which are ideal to suit the skills and passions of many people looking for a fresh start in a rewarding new career.

Obtaining a real estate license gives you many options for where you want to begin this new adventure. Whether it is Real Estates Brokers such as Compass, who use their experience and qualifications to empower people to achieve their dreams, or property managers who oversee tenancy buildings, the possibilities are endless. 

Are you considering a change in life, but want to be sure that there’s a vocation that welcomes your passion and drive? Here are 7 of the many jobs you can get when you obtain a real estate license

Real estate agent 

Real estate agents are the people who show the homes available to potential buyers and can also work on behalf of people looking to sell their property. From that first inquiry to the signing of the contracts, real estate agents are the glue that keeps it all together. 

Home inspector 

A home inspector visits properties and checks their internal and external structures. This can range from electrical wiring and plumbing to the land around it. They locate potential problems with the home and report their findings to the parties involved.

Property manager 

A property manager will mostly work in tenancy situations and is tasked with ensuring that the property is safe for inhabitation before helping both sides to agree to payments, repairs, and the dates of a lease. They tend to oversee several properties all at once. 

Escrow officer

Escrow officers keep hold of the finances that individuals provide as some of the payment toward a new home. All escrow officers deal with large sums of money, and therefore, require additional training. They are considered neutral parties in a property transaction.

Real estate broker

Real estate brokers are able to do everything that a standard real estate agent can, but they continue to gain qualifications through a broker license. They work behind the scenes to oversee agents and ensure that the everyday running of a business is going smoothly.  

Commercial real estate agent 

Commercial real estate agents are very similar to real estate agents who work in residential settings. However, they apply their skills to commercial office buildings and other large-scale complexes, instead of smaller suburban properties. 

Real estate appraiser

A real estate appraiser focuses more on determining the actual value of the property in question. They work in both commercial and residential sectors. They take many factors into account before deciding on the fair and true value of a property, such as the housing market and the popularity of an area.

All reputable real estate appraisers are required to gain a specialized license to do their jobs.

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