It is not rocket science to understand that we purchase a house or apartment for residential purposes most of the time. However, when investing in a property, it is advised to look into packages that provide both land and house combos. You will come across many reasons why a house and land packages are a better deal than buying standalone houses or apartment alone.

House and Land Negotiation

Here are 7 Reasons Why a House and Land Package Could Be a Great Option:

#1. Choosing Design and Block: A packaged product for house and land simplifies the process as most of the tough decisions to make during planning have already been made. You have to choose one of the designs the house builder carefully designed, taking into consideration the slope, shape, and orientation of the block of land. After selection of design, you can request your builder if you wish to tweak a design and have its customized.

#2. Savings on Stamp Duty: The greatest save when purchasing house and land packages are in the expenses for stamp duty. If you were to buy a pre-built house, you would be required to pay stamp duty for both the land and the home. With packages, however, you would only be charged for the value of the land as the house hasn’t been built yet.

#3. Cheaper: A house and land package is, without a doubt cheaper than building a custom house. Since builders already have their home designs for customers to choose from because they know the market, it is much easier to estimate the total cost. Whereas, in a custom design, you are made aware of the price only after a design has been finalized.

#4. Easier To Budget: House and land packages are pre-planned and with careful consideration of expenses. When selecting a design, your builder can analyze and determine how much one would require to have the house built. It makes it easier for budgeting and helps those whose wallets are on a tight leash.

House and Land Package

#5. Saves You A Lot of Time: Building a house is no small feat; it takes days of planning, preparing, and procuring to execute the construction properly. These factors take quite a fair bit of time. If you are a busy person with not much time to spare, then this could come to you as a hindrance. In packages, you save yourself a lot of time as the house is already designed and all that is required is careful execution of the design. It is practically useful for those who are on a tight schedule.

#6. Faster Construction Period: Since the house is already pre-designed and the materials required are already evident. The house is built much faster than when one builds it from scratch. There would be slight delays during the process. On the whole, it is normal because most of the time, the house is built much faster.

#7. Turnkey Homes: A customer always looks to buy a house but wishes not to participate in the whole process of creation. You can do the same without a doubt. Buy a house and land package and leave it to your builder to complete. Once it is completed, you can turn your key and walk into your brand-new home. This type of house is referred to as a turnkey home.

If you are someone who lives a tight schedule and cannot afford to provide much time into the whole process of house building, we have written this article just keeping you in mind. So, if you wish to own a house that looks great, then opt to look for house and land package deals rather than going for constructing a custom house.

We hope you found this blog post on 7 Reasons Why House and Land Packages Make Great Investments useful. Be sure to check out our post on How to Set up a Complete Surveillance System in Your New Home for more great tips!


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