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Are you planning to make the switch and go from traditional railings to glass balustrades? That’s a huge deal because they offer so many benefits that you can enjoy for both your eyes and the home’s functionality! It’s the reason why many people are looking for Brisbane glass balustrades and having them installed in their homes.

But with the many different kinds of balustrades, why opt for glass, specifically? Read on to find out!

The Benefits of Glass Balustrades

Here are some of the awesome benefits glass balustrades have to offer:

1. Glass is Easy to Clean and Maintain

All you need are a commercial glass cleaning product and a clean soft cleaning cloth! With these two items, you can clean the glass balustrades on your home, and make everything look spotless and lustrous with just a few wipes.

If you see light scratches on the glass, simply have it polished to have it look new! This makes glass much simpler to clean and maintain, lessening the workload on your end. No need to waste so much time and energy cleaning glass, compared to other materials that require new paint or other forms of maintenance.

2. No Blocking Light or Vision

Unlike other balustrade materials, the glass won’t obstruct the presence of light. Instead, it enhances it. These balustrades will allow natural light to freely flow within spaces, which will make the area feel more open in and out of your home, with less feeling of confinement.

Plus, glass is easier on the eyes, adding a touch of class and luxury to your home with its naturally reflective properties.

3. It’s Actually More Durable!

You’ll be surprised that while glass seems like a delicate material, it is made to be very tough and durable when installed as balustrades. It might even be more durable compared to traditional wooden railings if you have it done by the correct companies!

Glass balustrades aren’t made from typical glass like household items. Instead, they are made of strengthened and toughened glass, which can withstand higher loads of force and impact. This makes them tough and durable barriers, unlike wooden railings that may be damaged or weakened from weather and pests, among other things.

That way, your balustrades will last for years with minimal maintenance while still looking amazing.

4. Offers Modern Sophistication

If you want your home to look more modern and contemporary, you can never go wrong with glass balustrades. They offer the flare of sophistication that goes very well with modern home designs. Plus, the transparent glass will keep integral components of your home visible, integrating well into ANY design, actually!

They also work well with minimalist designs, giving the clear and stylish look that many will appreciate. In fact, you can find glass balustrades in buildings and homes, providing a dash of style that can make any area look more pleasant and stunning. Basically, they have that wow factor!

Speaking of the wow factor, glass balustrades are also very versatile, with various customization options to fit your wants and needs. You can have it installed as a simple system or make it look complex, with twists and turns in your desired design. Place it for home or business purposes, in and out of properties, whatever you want!

5. Increases Safety and Security

Other balustrades made of different materials would have gaps between the railings, which can be a risk to children and pets. With glass balustrades, you don’t have any gaps, so there’s no worry about children getting their legs or head trapped between the railings. It also prevents anyone from climbing, ensuring better safety at home.

6. Creates the Illusion of Space

When you have balustrades made of glass, then you can enjoy the illusion of even more space in your home. This can’t be done with other kinds of materials!

This is actually what glass balustrades are known for: the views they can offer. With clear glass balustrades, you have nearly invisible barriers on decks, balconies, and other areas at home. This gives you a clearer and wider view of your surroundings.

If you live in a home with amazing views, you’ll want glass balustrades as your railings, as they won’t block your view and will make your home more open, making it look bigger!

7. Simple Installation and Cost-Effective

One might presume that glass balustrade systems will need a more complex installation process compared to other materials. However, the design and installation of these glass balustrades is pretty simple. As long as they are measured and designed properly, with correct components, then the installation will be straightforward.

Furthermore, they are actually more affordable than you think! The right company can give you a cost-effective quote and you can enjoy your investment for the long run, thanks to the durability mentioned above.

Wrapping It Up

Glass balustrades look and work very differently from traditional railings, and in a good way! These are huge upgrades that provide many benefits, making them worth the investment.

Hopefully, reading about the benefits of glass balustrades helped you learn why they are a great investment for your home! If you’re planning to replace your stairs’ railings with glass balustrades, be sure to find a reputable company that can provide and install these materials for you.

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