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In the current environment, many companies are in need of remote employee onboarding tips. We find ourselves facing a situation unlike anything we’ve seen in over a century. A life-threatening pandemic is sweeping across the world and impacting the economy in enormous ways. The coronavirus crisis affects real estate, banking, and business owners in every industry as more and more companies are forced to close their doors in response to government-mandated restrictions designed to protect public health.

Many businesses have had to press pause on their operations—or dial them back in the extreme—but others have been able to move their business to a remote setting in which employees work from home. It’s great that they’re able to stay in service, make money, and stay afloat, but the transition does present a new set of challenges—especially as the company grows.

Hiring employees always presents a potential risk, whether you own a local moving company or a nationwide e-commerce site. But onboarding new team members in a remote setting is even more difficult due to a variety of obstacles which we’ll cover in this article. Here’s our top tips on how to hire staff you’ve never met and maintain sustainable success.

1. Start with the most qualified candidates

Before you start a rapid expansion, make sure to thoroughly vet every potential employee. One hiring mistake can lead to a whirlwind of consequences, ranging from damaged property to hacked data and poor customer service.

When you hire remote employees, you’re primarily working off the information provided on their resume—but there’s no guarantee of its truth or accuracy. They might look great on paper or sound amicable over a phone interview, but you can never be quite certain without an education verification or background check that validates their skills and experience.

2. Initiate onboarding as soon as possible

Once you find a great fit for your company, start the onboarding process well in advance of the employee’s starting date. They should have plenty of time to sign and submit documentation, read through training manuals, and review the company handbook before diving into their work assignments.

3. Send some swag to new staff members

Any good list of remote employee onboarding tips should include making remote employees feel included. You should supply your growing team with the essential hardware they need to execute tasks (including a work laptop, external hard drive, and so forth), but you should also consider sending them some company swag to add a personal touch. Customized tote bags, labeled pens, or a company tee-shirt can strengthen the bond between employee and employer so that they feel a personal connection rather than an impersonal work environment.

4. Value technology more than ever

When you move the office to a remote setting, technology will become extremely important. It’s the only way you’ll communicate and collaborate between team members, so implement the right tools using instant messaging apps, video conference calls, cloud-based storage systems, online project trackers, and so on.

person having video conference on laptop with other people

5. Schedule a group orientation

Once you get all of your new staff setup, schedule a group orientation over Zoom. It’s a good idea to politely request participants to turn their video cameras on, because putting a name to a face helps form connections and build a sense of camaraderie in an otherwise impersonal work environment.

Scheduling orientation in a group setting saves you time by eliminating the need to repeat information more than once, plus it gives the new hires a chance to ask questions that might be shared by others, strengthening the sense of community. Encourage everyone to share a little bit about themselves so they can get to know their remote team members.

6. Provide virtual human resources

Working remotely can sometimes lack the human connection employees need to feel like they belong and that they’re valued as a person, not just an employee. Virtual HR services can save you a ton of time while tackling employee onboarding, ensuring compliance, and providing support to ensure their needs are met.

Remember that a happy employee is a productive employee, so it’s important to hear and address their concerns even as the business continues to grow.

7. Establish an open line of communication

Finally, let your new hire know that they can always come to you or their manager to ask questions, request clarification, give feedback, and suggest new ideas. As an employer, you always want to be fair and approachable—that’s how you’ll retain top talent after relocating employees to a remote office.

If you’re planning on moving out of the office and need some assistance, give us a call. We have years of experience in the moving industry and look forward to serving you, too.

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