how to send confidential documents abroad internationally

There are many evolving technologies, where sending and receiving any document is an easy job. On the other hand, the increasing number of hackers make the security of your documents questionable. There are some risks associated with sending your private documents abroad. For example, getting hacked, damaged or get into the wrong hands. Therefore, if you are looking for the safest way to send documents, you came to the right place. Here is How to Send Confidential Documents Abroad and Internationally:

As documents’ security needs are evolving due to growing threats, the privacy and security of the confidential document is now a serious matter of discussion in every organization.  In this situation, you need to find the safest way to send important documents overseas.

When it comes to the security of your documents, you need to remember the expression “better safe than sorry”. To avoid losing your valuable information there are few ways that can help you transfer your confidential documents abroad.

Select the correct packaging for the documents

The first step in secure transferring of your documents is to select the right package depending on the size and quantity of your documents.  It is essential you take the responsibility for the packaging of your contents because your chosen courier service is not responsible for it.

You can send confidential documents securely and safely via a sealed envelope. Seal the envelope and write the words “Private and confidential”, to let your courier service provider know about the confidential contents. It helps your courier service provider to deliver the envelope correctly by keeping the contents protected. Most of the people make minor mistakes with the written address, and these small errors can send your confidential documents to the wrong address. Make sure you include all relevant information (city or town, country, state, and postcode) so that your package is delivered to the right address.

Work with a reliable moving company

Do moving companies move documents as well? Well! If you want to send a single document abroad, you can send it via e-mail or fax. But if you are a business owner and want to send your official documents in bulk, then it requires a reliable moving company to get the job done for you. Choosing a dependable company is the best way to send important documents internationally. You can always ask moving companies to share their previous experiences to be safe. If a company has prior experience with sending business documents overseas, they are most likely to do a good job.

Send via encrypted e-mail

If you email documents, they travel through a series of servers after leaving your e-mail provider’s server. In fact, you do not understand how many servers your message will pass and you don’t even know who has access to those servers.

To keep your message private, it must be encrypted before you send it and remain encrypted until the recipient receives it. There are many options available to send an encrypted email. You can use Hushmail, Runbox, Mailfence, Proton mail, etc. These e-mail services offer email privacy that keeps your data safe from hackers. They also maintain strict security so your documents safely reach your desired address.

Send encrypted digital data

In this digital era, lots of our confidential information is saved in a database.  So if you want to send your confidential documents by post safely, then keep it on a hard drive or a USB stick. It’s the safest way to send your documents. Save encrypted information on disks or hard drives and send your digital data via secure parcel delivery.

Mail delivery

By sending your document via mail, you have an advantage that your documents are protected in an envelope.  However, documents can get lost or damaged in the mail. Therefore, it is recommended to send backup copies rather than the originals.

Consider using a reliable mail delivery service company for better security of your confidential documents. Some excellent options you can consider include FedEx Corporation, DHL Express, and United Parcel Service.

Fax your documents

Faxing your documents is a quick and secure way to deliver documents. However, don’t forget to enter the correct fax number. Faxing works best only when you want to send the documents that have few pages. If you want to send documents in bulk that contain information on both sides of a page, fax will not be the good option. In this case, you can contact a moving company with experience in shipping documents internationally.

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