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The lack of storage space is something that most homeowners living in smaller apartments have to struggle with daily. It’s hard to find space for every kitchen item you need, and there are many times when you’ll feel like you simply don’t have enough room. Fortunately, there are plenty of practical ways to make the most out of the little space you have.

Below, we’ve gathered 7 quick and easy small kitchen design tips that can help you maximize your space. Whether you’re just looking to refresh your current space or starting fresh in a new apartment, read on to get your small apartment kitchen in shipshape and Bristol fashion.

1. Start by Decluttering

Make your work easier by decluttering before you start your project. Remember, one of the most difficult parts of organizing a small apartment kitchen is the lack of enough storage space. So, it’s crucial to go through your kitchen items and analyze what you really need to keep there. Make sure you get rid of broken and defective items and toss out anything you don’t use frequently.

2. Create Flexible Zones

When coming up with a kitchen floor plan and layout, you may have come across the term zoning. For instance, the cabinets around your cleaning zone should contain kitchen towels, cleaning products, and the waste bin, while the drawers and cabinets around the oven will host pots, pans, and bakeware.

You can stash dry ingredients neatly as part of organizing your pantry if you have one, but otherwise, these should also have their own zone. In spaces where zones are close together, it helps to break things down even further. Group necessary kitchen items together in baskets or containers, then move them around your kitchen space as you need.

3. Keep Countertops Clear

When organizing countertops, minimalism is essential, especially if you’re working with a small apartment kitchen. Aside from freeing up cooking space, keeping countertops clear of clutter makes for a neat kitchen that’s easy to maintain. Here, a good rule of thumb is only to keep out items you use daily and more frequently – store the rest away.

4. Use Drawers Rather than Cabinets

Kitchen drawers are vital when planning small apartment kitchen storage ideas as they usually offer maximum use of space. You can tailor them to your exact specifications, giving you easy access to kitchen essentials

Drawer dividers can also help you bring order to Kitchen drawers and the kitchen in general. Consider bespoke inserts to keep your cutleries neat, tidy, and easily accessible and to maximize on space.

5. Welcome Portable Workspace and Storage

Overfilled cabinets aren’t conducive to a well-organized small kitchen. That’s why it’s always wise to start with decluttering tips to avoid stashing more items than you need to. If you’re still short on storage space after removing items you rarely use, don’t be tempted to cram all your cutleries in drawers and cabinets. Instead, consider flexible furniture, like portable kitchen islands.

Portable furniture is an effective way to enjoy storage space when needed. For instance, you can bring in a butcher’s trolley for busy times, then move it out of the way when you need more floor space.

6. Opt for Open Shelving

While wall cabinets can feel imposing, especially in small apartment kitchens, removing them can pose a storage issue. That’s where open kitchen shelving comes in handy. When organized well, open shelving can be a perfect way of injecting style and personality into your small kitchen space without compromising on storage.

It also acts as a handy place to keep dinnerware sets for both display purposes and easy access. To keep your shelves looking tidy, consider organizing items by grouping them into clusters of odd numbers, preferably three items.

7. Think Vertically

When organizing your kitchen floor plan, storing items vertically is a real space-saver. Besides making things far easier to access, you’re more likely to have an easy time fitting in larger-sized appliances. You can do this by adding shelves and cubbies. Other options are either screw-in hooks or the removable kind that can pop off when you move out. Hooks can be helpful for items like coffee mugs, cooking utensils, or even oven gloves. If you love wine, attaching a wine organizer to the wall can be another way to conserve space and keep things tidy!

Start Planning Your Dream Kitchen Today

There it is – 7 tried and tested tips to organize a small apartment kitchen. A tight cooking space doesn’t have to be miserable. With a little finessing, a shopping trip to the store and a little elbow grease, you can easily organize your kitsch. With these ideas, you can free up space in your kitchen without sacrificing style or functionality. It’s all about making the most of the kitchen space you have.

We hope you found this blog post on 7 Steps to Organizing a Small Apartment Kitchen useful. Be sure to check out our post on Shelving Tips For Any Kitchen Layout for more great tips!

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