bare kitchen with cabinets and shelves

There are many ways to upgrade your kitchen. You can accomplish it through your choice of cabinets, countertops, or fixtures, or a more subtle area of the kitchen to add your touch is the shelving. Whether you have a traditional, contemporary, or futuristic kitchen, the way you incorporate shelving can influence the feel of the entire room. Let’s take a look at how different shelving styles can work with the type of space you have.

Glass Shelves

Glass shelves offer a way to showcase items that you want to be seen. Glass shelves mesh with many kitchen styles, especially more timeless versions like cottage and farmhouse. However, modern kitchens utilize glass shelves, too, as people like the dramatic effects these can create.

Rustic Open Shelving

If you want to create a more rustic feel to your kitchen, certain styles of open shelving can do wonders. Shelves made of natural, unfinished wood can transform your kitchen’s look to look more like a room in a house in the country. The items you choose to place on the shelves – mason jars, old-fashioned utensils, and more – can enhance this rustic effect.

High-quality hardwoods, such as maple or alder, work well for this shelving. The knots found in alder especially, add to the rural feel of a rustic kitchen. These shelves can have a profound impact on your space.

wall with colored backsplash and shelves above it

Suspended Shelving

Hanging shelving from the ceiling delivers a fresh, unexpected twist to standard kitchens. Although suspended shelving is increasingly popular in modern kitchens, many designers can make it mesh with traditional rooms. The clean lines of the shelves and the suspension wires complement the minimalist theme of Shaker style cabinets (make sure you first obtain high-quality cabinetry from someone like Walcraft or other reliable sites). With the many options of suspended shelving, you can make them work within any layout you have in mind.

Floating Wood Shelves

Installing floating wood shelves can influence your entire kitchen. They look like slabs of color, which can contrast well with your existing components. You can also play with the various accents and kitchen cabinet hardware that you have in your room. These shelves pair with any style, from cottage to contemporary.

You can also customize the cut and size of this shelving to match your room ideally. Whether you want to add a subtle natural tone to your stylish modern space, or try to contrast with the white or grey cabinets of your traditional style, floating wood shelves can work.

Color Up

Whether you paint your shelves or place bright items on open shelves, the use of color can shift your kitchen’s entire mood. In white kitchens, a pop of color can revive the room. Adding blue, green, or even orange tones can lend an exciting feel to your space. Instead of a cold, stark mood, color can change the kitchen into a warm, engaging place to socialize.


Shelving is a major component of any kitchen. It can be used to increase storage, exhibit your favorite art, or enrich your space’s color scheme. Whether you want to modernize your older room or add an old-fashioned flair to a modern space, shelving can help you reach your objectives.

We hope you found this blog post Shelving Tips For Any Kitchen Layout useful. Be sure to check out our post Simple and Effective Kitchen Cabinet Ideas To Help You Big-Time! for more great tips!


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