Regardless of whether you cannot afford to purchase a home, think it’s too early for you to own one, or you simply prefer renting because you like to move around a lot, renting may be the best option for you. However, moving is almost never an easy endeavor, especially when you’re moving into a rented home, as there are many things to consider and organize to make moving as stress-free as possible. Since you do not own the home you will be moving into, you need to manage a lot of matters and be aware of your rights. To make this whole ordeal a bit easier on you, we created a handy checklist of 7 Things to Do Before Moving to a Rented House that should help you stay on top of everything you have to do. Take a look below.

Before you move to a Rented house:

Inspect the House

Once you’ve found a house you like, it is vital that you thoroughly inspect it before you decide to put down a deposit. Other than the location, you need to see whether everything is in order, so consider bringing an expert along. They can check the plumbing, electrical wiring, the overall structure of the house and much more. If the expert notices any issues like mold, termites or something similar, it’s probably best to look at another house. Plus, if you’re renting a fully furnished home, ensure that everything from the appliances to the furniture is in working condition and not damaged in any way.

Get to Know the Neighborhood


As we said, the location is also important. So before making any decisions, check how friendly the neighbors are, whether there is a lot of crime and how near your office or school is. Is proximity important or do you not mind the commute? Do you want a hospital, supermarket, bank or mall close by? Ask whether there is a local CCTV surveillance system or some neighborhood patrol that protects the area.

Consider the Overall Costs

If the neighborhood and the house itself fit your requirements, it’s time to think about the price. Can you afford the deposit? Will you have to pay the first and last month’s rent with the deposit as well? What about the bills? How high are they, and are they included in the rent or do you pay them? Another matter you have to discuss with the landlord is the payment schedule. Is it by week, month or quarterly? Will they be popping around once a month to pick up the check? Are they going to deal with you directly or use the services of rental property managers who will handle everything? In addition to these costs, you have to remember the costs of moving, paying for a broker to find the place and the potential fees for changing certain documents.

Read the Contract Carefully

After you’ve agreed with the landlord or property manager about renting, you will have to sign a contract. However, be sure to carefully and thoroughly read it. Unfortunately, as nice as someone seems, you can always get tricked by the fine print. Check the conditions for getting your deposit back. Then, look for clauses that specify how long you will be staying in the house and those that mention any rent increase. It’s not uncommon for a landlord to want to make the rent higher after a while. So if you notice something like that and you don’t agree with it, try to negotiate the terms and change the contract clauses. If you cannot agree on these matters, you might have to look for another place. Plus, it’s good to have your agent look over the contract before you sign.

Know Your Rights

Being aware of your rights is also crucial before signing a contract. Just because the landlord owns the house, it doesn’t mean that they can pop up unannounced and ask you to vacate the property immediately. They also cannot prevent you from having visitors or give you a curfew for when to be home. Your personal lifestyle is something they cannot interfere with. While your rights over the rented property are limited, you do have them so familiarize yourself with those.

Go Over the Details

Before you start moving in, go over everything with the landlord once again. When is rent due? When will they be giving you the keys? Do you need to visit the property manager’s office or will someone be there to welcome you on the day of the move? If the house is furnished, check whether they will be making an inventory of everything or if that’s your task. Even if they do it, still make a list for yourself and record the condition of everything on the property. Take pictures to have proof. Ensure all the previous bills have been paid and read the meters before you start using the home. Ask for receipts and a copy of the tenancy agreement and make copies for yourself to stay on the safe side.

Look for Reliable Movers

Once you are sure you have found the right house for yourself and your family, it’s time to start packing and properly cleaning your previous home. If you are not able to do everything on your own, you should ask your friends for some help, as that will make the packing process much faster. However, tell them which things go where and how they need to be packed. You can rent a moving truck if you think you can do the whole move yourself; however, hiring reliable movers might be the best option. Not only do movers make sure all your possessions are safely transported, but they also offer packing supplies like boxes and wrapping pads. If your budget allows, opting for this alternative is a good choice.

Moving is never as stress-free as we want it to be. However, by ensuring you’ve found the right home and read your contract thoroughly, the moving process itself will be much easier. Once you know you can afford your rented home and are aware of your rights, a huge load will be taken of your chest and you will be able to start setting up your new abode.

Finding Help with Moving Professionals

We hope you found this blog on 7 Things to Do Before Moving to a Rented House useful. For more tips, check out this Moving Checklist: What to Ensure Before the Move-In.

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