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Paying special attention to a house’s exterior design is just as vital as planning the interior décor since the exterior is everyone’s first impression of your property. 2022 has been a year with special trends becoming more popular than others and moving forward here are a few tips to master your home’s exterior design without letting any aspect appear dated or old-fashioned.

1. A Spot of Monochromatic And Black 

For 2022 shades of black for exterior design are very much in vogue. Black particularly a chic matte black can be used for painting doors and windows as well as door knobs. A black fence can be made around a house and the color is particularly excellent for roofing shingles in both metal and ceramic varieties. Many homeowners are also painting window shutters black and contrasting this color with plain white for the rest of the house. Monochromatic color schemes have been used on and off for modern homes but this seems like a trend to stay for the coming year. 

The power of black makes colors like green (the grass and other plants in the garden) pop against the background and can be an incredibly refreshing sight. Colors like smoky grey and dark grey also fall within this chic monochromatic scheme looking beautiful against stone, wood, and marble accents. Using black and darker, moodier colors as much as possible adds dimension and depth to the exterior of a home and can age well through the years compared with lighter colors.

2. Outdoor Sitting And Entertaining 

The concept of having one or more than one outdoor sitting and entertaining area has been picking up steam for home exterior design. Depending on your sense of style you can incorporate paradisiacal elements such as flower arrangements, comfortable lawn furniture, and even lawn ornaments to create a sitting area either in your front lawn or backyard. 

Installing a hammock and laying out comfortable rugs and pillows for a patio sitting area looks beautiful in warmer weather when people might be unwilling to sit in the garden. A sunroom if there is enough space outside for one can be a gorgeous addition to your outdoor delights for both aesthetic and practical purposes.

3. Windows- The Larger The Better

For homes being built this year or being renovated with large structural changes, the windows are very much a focal point of the design. Very large windows, in some cases spanning more than one storey, are fashionable for the year 2022 and beyond. Large windows can regulate the temperature inside the house and let in a lot of natural light. Externally the view of gigantic windows especially ones that are panoramic in design is extraordinarily stunning and from inside can provide access to the surrounding views on a greater scale.

4. All-Natural Materials 

There has been a shift in recent years towards using materials for the exterior and interior of houses that are inherently natural. This includes wood, ceramic, marble, granite, stone, and so forth. These natural textures are reminiscent of older architectural marvels and can lend a luxurious vibe to contemporary houses. Wood is being used extensively if the weather allows not just for windows but also for pillars, patios, fences, and even roofing shingles. Consulting Richmond commercial roofing contractors can be useful for figuring out the best roofing materials in terms of climate, weather conditions, and design specifications for each individual house.

5. An Environmentally-Friendly Home

The installation of solar panels and photo voltaic panels is a defining feature of the modern home in today’s world. A house that can harvest solar power and even collect rainwater is considered sensibly run and sustainable. Structural adjustments such as preventing the leakage of warmth and having floor-length windows can all help save power which lessens the individual carbon footprint of each house. Each homeowner does need to factor in the cost as well as the return on investment over a 6 month period if they choose to invest in systems of solar power generation as they can usually cost quite a lot, especially when considering maintenance costs.

6. Going The Neutral Route 

Neutral earthy tones are very pleasing when used for the exterior of a home because they coincide perfectly with the colors and shades already present in nature and surrounding foliage. Beige, taupe, camel, brown, ivory, pewter grey, and cream are just a few of the colors that fall within this spectrum and they can enhance the exterior of a house greatly. One of the ways they can be used is in trimmings such as a window trim. Neutral colors reflect natural light well, give the impression of a larger house, and can be paired with darker accents for an impactful and formidable vibe. 

Neutral colors for the exterior of a home are a sublime choice if there are many décor elements being used in the garden such as fountains or fishponds. Elements like the former and the latter can then be a focal point for the eye as opposed to very bright colors in the general exterior taking attention away.

7. Longevity Over Appearance 

In recent years more and more homeowners have been keen to use the most durable and long-lasting materials for building their houses, particularly in relation to the exterior. Not only is a one-time investment in durable, good-quality materials a better bet for the environment as there is less need for replacements but it also affects the overall appearance of the home as well. Better materials (in particular metal and stone) can help a house age well and obtain a better resale value should the homeowners decide to move. 

Durable materials are good for the environment in a second way as they protect against heat escaping from the house. This lowers the energy bill and results in better utilization of both heating and cooling mechanisms. Durable materials such as excellent quality wood, stone slabs, marble, or metal rarely go out of fashion and are generally less susceptible to damage by weather conditions. 

We hope you found this blog post on 7 Tips For Home Exterior Design In 2022 useful. Be sure to check out our post on Home Exterior Design Choices You Should Know About for more great tips!

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