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Selling a property, especially in the middle of the Coronavirus crisis, is not an easy task. To stand out in the competitive real estate market, you need to renovate the property to boost its value. And, one of the first steps to take is to enhance the house exterior and increase the house’s curb appeal.

The exterior design even impacts the appeal of the houses in your neighborhood. According to a research study by the University of Alabama and the University of Texas at Arlington, properties with enhanced curb appeal sell for 7% more than similar houses with an unattractive exterior.

Precisely because of this, it is immensely important to improve the house’s exterior looks when it is time to sell. Here are a few practical tips to follow.

Fix Structural Issues

Structural issues can significantly lower the value of your house. Structural issues can significantly lower the value of your house.  While they are often expensive, they are vital to adding value to your house.

Some of the key problems to consider are:

  • A sagging or leaking roof
  • Wall and ceiling cracks
  • Missing roof tiles
  • Unstable chimney stacks
  • A collapsed floor
  • Insect infestation
  • Rising damp
  • Sagging floors

Install Lighting

Lighting enhances the ambiance of the house, as well as improving its safety. Carefully select lighting fixtures that are in line with the home’s design. For example, adding industrial lights to a Colonial-style house would disturb its form. Wall lanterns, on the other hand, would preserve the warmth and traditional appeal of the house.

Think of exterior lights as decorative features that will emphasize the home’s uniqueness and personality. By adding soft lights, you can highlight the architecture of the house. Ground lights are ideal for accenting your garden or trees, while porch lights make your home friendly and welcoming. You should also install lighting near your home’s number sign, which is crucial to your visitors.

Upgrade the Roof

Upgrading the roof is one of the most time-consuming and costliest exterior upgrades. However, modernizing the roof can significantly improve your home’s curb appeal and, therefore, enhance its resale value.

Today, you are not limited to flat asphalt shingles anymore. With a wide array of innovative patterns, colors, and shapes, you can make your roof look richer and express the property’s personality.

Many factors impact the choice of roof patterns and colors, including the house’s location, climate, and color, and architectural style.

For example, lighter-colored roofing shingles may help keep the house’s interior cooler. A combination of grey, brown, or green shingles is perfect for homes surrounded by a lot of greenery. Black roofs, on the other hand, are perfect for accenting your home’s architecture, especially if it is brightly-colored. The good news is that modern roofing materials do not absorb heat that much.

Maintain your Garden

Flowers evoked positive emotions about the property and its neighborhood. Studies showed another interesting fact. When placed strategically, flowers can even make a home appear larger. Optical illusions do wonders!

Therefore, keep your lawn neat and eliminate annoying weeds. If you have trees and bushes, trim them regularly. Add colorful plants and flowers to make your home’s exterior vivid and more appealing. You can even add flower boxes to your windows to make your home warmer and friendlier.

If you love greenery, but you are not a fan of mowing every day, consider improving the aesthetic appeal of your home with artificial grass. In a recent article, experts in home improvement from South Florida explain that fake grass can be combined with real plants and natural stone. They also explain that people often make the mistake of covering the entire area with artificial grass. Instead, use it to accentuate surfaces, such as an outdoor dining area or a balcony.

Repaint the House

Repaint the House

Old and washed out paint will harm the visual curb appeal of your home and decrease its value. Home Gain performed a thorough research study back in 2012 and found that painting the exterior of the house improves the return on investment (ROI) by 55%. For example, if painting your home’s exterior costs approximately $1,406, it generates a $2,176 increase in value.

A freshly painted house will make a positive first impression and builds trust with potential buyers. However, choose color palettes carefully. Remember that keeping up with the latest trends is not always a good idea. You need to identify your home’s style and neighborhood, and pick colors accordingly. For example, bold colors might not be the best fit for a Victorian house.

Ready to Boost the Exterior Looks of your Home?

While those investments may seem complicated or expensive right now, they will pay off later. By boosting the curb appeal of your house, you will sell your home faster and enhance its market value.

We hope you found this blog post How to Boost your House Exterior Looks and Increase its Value useful. Be sure to check out our post Home Renovations That Will Boost the Value of Your Home for more great tips!


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