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So you are moving into a new apartment or just looking for someplace better. You could also be planning a trip and thinking of taking your favorite cosmetics along with you. Whatever the reason for moving your cosmetics may be, it won’t be wise to move those cosmopolitan things without reading these seven tips for packing cosmetics for moving. It is always smart and thoughtful to take care of your makeup. So, here’s how you can move it quickly, without damage.

Why Moving Your Cosmetics Requires Caution?

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If you are moving your cosmetics for the first time, or you haven’t thought much about why it’s essential to transport your cosmetics with the utmost care, here’s why:

The top-class cosmetic collection you have at home has needed careful investment over the years. And losing a few of the gems from your collection to reckless moving would be a shame. Moreover, you would have to spend a lot more to get a replacement product for your collection.

Also, a handful of these cosmetic products come in tiny and delicate packaging, which are vulnerable to weight and pressure. A bit of extra pressure and vigorous movement can cause your gel nail kit bottle to leak and powder blush to shatter. To avoid situations like this, you need to have hands-on knowledge for moving your cosmetics like an expert.

1.  Prioritize Things

If you are planning to pack things up for moving or even for an upcoming trip, always make sure to pack things in an orderly manner. How can you do that? Well, first and foremost, you need to pack the delicates before packing everything else. In this case, you need to pack your cosmetics and put them aside, so you don’t accidentally break them in the hodge-podge of packing other stuff.

A good idea would be to pack all your cosmetics and carry them in a backpack that would be accessible to you all the time. You can also add extra padding in your bag to be extra careful about your cosmetics.

2.  Don’t Trust Everyone With Your Cosmetics

When you move, you might leave everything to the packing and moving company. But in the case of your dearest makeup and skincare products, this won’t be a wise decision. Why? Because not everyone will show the same amount of care that you have for your cosmetics. The movers may or may not treat your cosmetics box gently. So the best decision is to keep the cosmetics with you all the time. Even better, if your new place is nearby, you should drive there and move the delicate stuff first by yourself.

Similarly, while traveling via air, you leave your checked luggage at the dropoff point, and we all know how airlines treat checked baggage. Instead, keep your valued cosmetics in your carryon baggage and keep them close by. But be aware of TSA guidelines for traveling with liquids and aerosols.

3.  Carry Stuff In A Makeup Bag

cosmetic bag

While packing your cosmetics, don’t throw all those bottles of different products randomly in a backpack. Get organized and place all those products in a dedicated makeup bag. This way, when you have to move your cosmetics, you won’t have to load them one by one, but instead carry one compact pouch or bag. You can raise the standard of protection for your products by purchasing a waterproof makeup bag for carrying around.

4.  Seal & Wrap Everything Separately

Get plastic poly films and wrap them around the bottles that have liquid or semi-liquid products in them. For solid cosmetic products, you don’t need to cover the plastic poly films around them. Just covering them with paper napkins will do.

5.  Keep Everyday Cosmetics Accessible

You might be tempted to carry all your cosmetics just as is. But you shouldn’t do this if you want your products to stay intact. You will need to freshen up and touch up in between the moving hours or days. During that time, you will need the products you use daily. If you pack your daily cosmetics and occasional cosmetics together, you will have difficulty finding the daily ones. Furthermore, you may end up damaging some delicate items.

6.  Isolate Flammable Products

Your set of cosmetics will include some items that are highly flammable because of alcohol or other components. These include your nail paint remover, nail polish, perfume, makeup setting spray, etc. Make a note to carry them separately and safely away from your other cosmetics.

7.  Be Mindful Of The Surroundings

Humidity and high temperatures can damage your cosmetics during long-distance moving. Make sure to protect your cosmetics from these two hazards. For moisture, you should put silica sachets in your cosmetics box. To protect your makeup from heat, avoid placing it in direct sunlight, and it will be good for a few days.


We shared the above seven tips with you to carry cosmetics while moving to keep your precious items safe. After expending so much effort, if a couple of your cosmetics still get damaged, don’t cry over spilled milk. Instead, be sensible and unload the other cosmetics.

After reading this essay, you should have gained new knowledge. This page contains further suggestions: How To Safely Transport Glass Items During A Move


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