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You’ve got the date ready. Are you ready to move to your brand new apartment?

Moving is a big job for anyone, whether it’s your first move or tenth. It requires meticulous detail and a focused eye on many different tasks — and it’s not unheard of to unintentionally skip a detail or two along the way.

Thankfully, this checklist will give you the things you need to know before moving to a new apartment. Let’s hop right to it.

Notify Your Car Insurer of the New Garage Location

If you have car insurance, give them a call regarding your change of address. This is to ensure that your vehicle is safely covered by the time you move into your new home. The vehicle location also affects how much premium they charge, so make sure you’re up to date with your car insurer.

If you don’t have a comprehensive car insurance plan yet, consider getting one in case of theft or accident. If you’re in Australia, click here for an online quote from one of Australia’s most reputable car insurers. You wouldn’t want something to happen without insurance in place, forcing you to shell out thousands of dollars for repairs.

Hire Movers to Move Your Furniture

Are you considering saving a few bucks and moving your belongings to your new apartment by yourself? Slow down and think again.

A survey conducted by OnePoll shows that 64% of people find moving to be the most stressful event of their lives, even higher than a divorce. In that same survey, 94% of people who hired movers found it worth every penny. Movers are trained to load and unload furniture and fragile wares efficiently, giving you peace of mind. Hiring movers such as Muval gives you more time to focus on all your other concerns, like contacting relevant companies about your move.

Set Up Mail Forwarding

When you move, the first thing you usually consider is finding movers to pack your furniture. But there’s one crucial detail that far so often gets overlooked — and that’s your mail!

You wouldn’t want your credit card bills, subscriptions, and banking statements to fall into the hands of your old apartment’s new tenant. Set time aside to explain to inform crucial important companies of your upcoming move. Make sure that you have a list of these companies in hand to keep from missing any. We all know that some companies don’t send mail for months on end, so try to catch those companies as well.

Give the new tenants a pleasant experience with their new home by setting up a comprehensive plan for your mail forwarding.

young couple making a moving checklist

Cancel and Confirm Utilities Disconnections

Next to furniture, most of us tackle our basic utilities next. Cancellation and confirmation of utilities are these things to bear in mind as you move. These include:

  • Electricity
  • Telephone
  • Internet service provider
  • Mobile phone provider
  • Gas account
  • Pay-TV accounts

Here’s how to go about it: Notify your old apartment’s service providers of your move. Be mindful about your meter reading up to the last day to avoid getting overcharged. Once you have a final bill for that, and once you’ve fully moved out, find out which energy provider supplies your essential utilities at your new home. Contact them, give them relevant documents such as your last utility suppliers’ bill, and follow their next steps. Be sure to pay off any remaining balance of all your past utility providers.

Change Your Postal Address With Your Bank

Your bank should be made aware of your moving date as soon as possible. Why? Because your place of residency is a crucial part of proving your identity. If you fail to update this information, you’re increasing your risk of identity theft. Perhaps this fact will pique your interest – $14.5 billion was stolen from identity theft victims in 2019.

Besides that, be sure to update your address in all the premium bonds, pensions, loans, and debit and credit card plans you have. Visit your banking provider or update your address online to sort this out.

Let Your Employer Know

If you’re staying with your current employer after moving, let the relevant department know about the move. Your employer would need to know your new address to include in their database. This not only improves the validity of your contact details but also helps them smooth out your payroll.

Update School and University Information

If you have children in school, let the schools know about the move so they can update your contact information. This will lessen the incoming stress your child will feel about the move. The same thing applies if you’re the person currently pursuing a form of education and are fully responsible for your move. Make sure all your information is up to date so that tuition bills and grades get rerouted to your new apartment’s mailbox.

Finding Help with Moving Professionals

We hope you found this blog post Moving to a New Apartment? Follow This Checklist useful. Be sure to check out our post The Moving Checklist For Organizing The Entire Move for more great tips!


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