Paying rent has many disadvantages. See the main problems you face living on rent!

paying rent

Housing is among every person’s fundamental needs, making buying their property a dream for most people. However, when this ideal has not yet been realized, renting meets the immediate need to reside.

But this implies several uncomfortable situations since paying rent has many disadvantages. The difficulties begin with the leasing procedures, which are far from the smoothest of processes. Then come other inconveniences you have to live with during the lease period.

Discover below the 8 main problems you face living on rent:

1. Dealing With The Bureaucracy Of The Lease Process:

Facing the bureaucracy and expenses related to the lease appears as the first renting problem. As soon as you choose the property, the requirements to be satisfied before occupying the residence arise.

At the moment you decide to rent, you already suffer from the inconvenience of being able to close the contract. Documents and evidence of all kinds are indispensable, which makes the procedure similar to a marathon.

There is also the issue of references, which many real estate registries request. In this case, you need to provide contacts of people who know you and can confirm your details.

Fulfilling these and other requests is usually quite cumbersome and laborious. In addition, there are costs related to the process of certificates, notarizations, and declarations, among others — not counting the value of the surety bond or advance deposit, mandatory guarantees in most contracts.

2. Not Being Able To Form Equity:

You set aside a good part of the salary and pay monthly rent, right? This is fair since housing payment is part of the commitments made.

Then, after 30 days, another deposit will be made to the property owner. Have you ever stopped to think that you are only paying for the right to occupy the residence without being able to form a heritage?

This is exactly what happens when renting a property, as the person spends to live now without investing in the construction of their heritage. You could even say that, in a way, you lose money paying rent.

Imagine when this situation spans ten years, for example. Now, add up all the money you’ll spend on rentals during that period. Most likely, the calculated value would be enough to make a good down payment on the financing of the apartment itself.

Realize that the acquisition of the financed property represents a great investment in the long term, as you will have formed your equity when you finish paying the instalments. This involves several possibilities, such as selling or renting the property in the future.

If you decide to keep her in the family, you will always have the security of a place to live, leaving the legacy to your children.

3. Need The Authorization To Move The Property:

Renting means not having the autonomy to fix a nail in the wall. Any modification to the property, no matter how small, requires authorization from the lessor.

So, when thinking about moving the property, remember that this decision is not yours. Whether changing a simple faucet or redecorating environments, making changes to the construction is possible only if the owner allows it.

As you cannot renovate and make changes, forget about ideas like installing built-in closets in the bedrooms or making that box that will make the bathroom ultra-modern.

Of course, it is not impossible to obtain authorization for such modifications, as they will add value to the house. But, if you choose to carry out such improvements on your own, you will add value to what is not yours. In other words: you will spend money, and when you return the property, you will have to leave everything behind. Also, If you want to buy the most versatile property option that offers the maximum benefits  then,  is the best option.

4. Being Uncertain About The Time On The Property:

The immense bureaucracy in renting the property brings more security to the owner than to you. The issue of lease time is a good example of this. Although the standard contract guarantees you housing for 30 months, the landlord can request a return at any time.

Of course, a fine is foreseen for this case, but the amount hardly compensates for the inconvenience caused by a hasty move. For those with children or teenagers, moving away from school disrupts the whole routine at home, for example.

Speaking of routine, the place where you live is so fundamental to everyday life that a change causes many disturbances. After all, staying in the same neighborhood or region is not always possible.

When it happens to be necessary to leave the locality, the hours are changed, and efforts to adapt to the new address are started.

5. Be Subject To Inspections Provided For By Law:

Even when you pay the rent properly and fulfill everything in the lease, you still must open your home for inspection. There is nothing to complain about, as the law grants the owner the right to check how his property is doing periodically.

On these occasions, a visit to the property is scheduled, during which you have to receive the owner. He will check the state of the residence and analyze if the construction is being kept in order. If everything is ok, the contract will continue, and new inspections will be scheduled.

However, if the owner of the house or apartment finds the property in disrepair, he can ask for the contract to be interrupted. This means that, regardless of your home’s finances, it is imperative to invest resources in repairs and maintenance.

If the inspection period arrives and the residence is not 100% tidy, the inconvenience and expenses tend to be even greater.

6. Facing Price Adjustments:

The law allows the value of rents to be adjusted periodically, according to the calculated inflation. If the economy is in crisis, prices rise, raising the rent.

As if circumventing the typical difficulties of tight times were not enough, you will have to pay even more expensive rent. In the renewal of the contract (if it happens), there is a great chance that the rent will be higher from the new period.

It often happens that the neighborhood receives improvements to infrastructure, such as more shops, an increase in public transport supply, the opening of new roads and other improvements.

The locality appreciates from there, and you must pay more for your residence to enjoy the new advantages. As much of your budget is already committed to rent, it may be impossible to keep up with the increase in value.

7. Having Difficulty Finding A Good Property At A Fair Price:

As those who live on rent are always dealing with changes of residence, they face difficulty finding a property compatible with their needs. When finding the ideal house or apartment, the person must reconcile its cost to the domestic budget. If you want to know about all the latest real estate trends and the most beneficial investment opportunities consult a Sky Marketing agent today.

Not to mention the restrictions on the family profile that many homeowners place on prospective tenants. Those with large families often find it difficult to get a property, as tenants prefer to rent to fewer people.

Animal tutors, then, go through real battles when looking for a new address for the family. This means experiencing authentic insecurity whenever it is necessary to find a new home.

8. Going Through Constant Address Changes:

Not knowing where to live when the tenancy ends can shake anyone’s mood. This is the reality one experiences when living on rent, as it will be necessary to return the property to the owner at some point.

This certainty of changing housing reduces the quality of life as it does not allow them to enjoy tomorrow’s security. Note that the home is everyone’s haven, and from there, we make the most important decisions in life.

Therefore, not feeling fixed to a residence and having to plan to move every time the lease ends is a serious obstacle to feelings of fulfillment and well-being. Those who intend to get married (or have already married and are planning to increase their family) know that not having a place to call them hinders the execution of plans.

Apart from these unfavorable aspects, there are also the points related to furniture transport, which suffers damage and breakage in the changes. To finish the list of evils linked to moving periodically, we highlight the expenses for transporting furniture and utensils to the new house.

Did you see how living on rent involves difficulties that go far beyond the bureaucracy with hiring? To solve these problems, the ideal is to acquire your property. Thus, you build a heritage, acquire autonomy over the property and have the security of only moving when you want.

Currently, with various financing lines available, not paying rent is much simpler. When obtained from a reliable and trustworthy company, these real estate credits provide easy entries in up to 60 months. The installments are cheaper than most rentals. So, don’t wait any longer: decide to live in what’s yours right away!

We hope you found this blog post on 8 Complications You Face Living On Rent useful. Be sure to check out our post Complete Guide to Rent to Own Home Programs for more great tips!

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