Creative home decor ideas for renters

Usually, a lot of renters are reluctant to customize their living spaces. Instead of breaking their lease or risking losing the deposit, they unconsciously settle for living with those things which vex them. Right now, those 4 walls of your apartment may feel like they are closing in on you. However, now you are ready, more than ever, for a bit of pick-me-up. This post offers some useful home decor ideas for renters.

The country has been in a state of lockdown for almost the past 2 months to avoid the spread of Coronavirus. Majority of the entire nation is in self-quarantine mode these days. So are you someone who is looking for a few amazing Home Decor Ideas during this self-isolation period?

From prepping the planters for spring to managing closets, try out these innovative home decor ideas for your rented apartment.

Upgrade Your Lighting

A perfect suggestion for upgrading your Home decor styles is infusing a bit of personality into your space through light. Always remember that a statement light fixture can change the room’s mood. Also, it permits your more expensive and heavier furniture pieces to remain simple to mix and neutral in color. If lighting quality is poor, often the culprit is dirt, not a dead light bulb. So make sure to unplug the lamps and clean lampshades with the vacuum cleaner attachment or a dry microfiber cloth.

soft-light lamps mounted to a wall


A lot of Home decor styles include, for the other kinds of lamps, cleaning bulbs. Also, use a cloth for dusting off the lighting hardware. Please note that you must always wait to do this when your light bulbs are cool to the touch. Furthermore, replacing your bulbs delivers strong impact for just a few dollars and very little effort. What’s more? LED bulbs have 80% more energy efficiency compared to conventional bulbs. This means that your electrical bill may even be lower. Moreover, it is completely up to you when it comes to choosing cool or warm tones.

Make the Most of Removable Wallpaper

This trend is considered among the most stylish Decor ideas for rental apartments. You can line your shelves’ insides with patterned wallpaper or fabric. Or else you can also use wallpaper to bedeck other furniture pieces as well as just about anything else. Avoid coating your walls in wallpaper, as this will take plenty of effort, both to put up and take down later.

Removable wallpaper comes under the list of easiest Decor ideas for rental apartments to customize the place without permanent modification. In case doing the entire place isn’t possible, papering a statement wall might be a good use for the removable wallpaper. Also, feel free to use temporary wallpaper for adding a bit of pattern and color to the refrigerator. Imagine having a wallpapered fridge? Sounds fabulous, right?

Prep Your Space for Summer

Do you have a tiny balcony or patio? Grab the broom to sweep off the dust and dirt of the previous few months. Begin by getting rid of any pine cones and leaves which may have fallen during the winter storms. Then prune away damaged or dead branches. In terms of Real estate trends, outdoor space is a favorite feature of any house for the renters. You would be astonished how much dirt can collect on outdoor furniture, even if it has been in storage.

For wicker and wood furniture, use a mild oil-base soap such as Murphy oil mixed with warm water. You can wash other kinds of furniture with dishwashing liquid mixed in a large bucket filled with warm water. You can either throw a lot of patio cushions in there or wash them down in your washing machine. Gather empty planters and clean them for making them prepared for planting.

Use Unusual Furniture and Unusual Furniture Arrangements

Want to know one of the most amazing Real estate trends nowadays? It is trying out unusual things. It’s easy to get in a rut with the same old furniture set up. However, what if you try out something out-of-the-box? Move your couch to another different wall, where the armchair sits. You can also mix things up by moving rugs from one room to the other. Switch the lamp from your side table to any other spot in the house and brighten up your space.

red-upholstered lounge chair

Since customization options are usually limited by the lease, you may aim your money more heavily into either home improvements or furniture. In the sector of real estate, furniture has its benefits. This is something you could bring along from place-to-place, since you may not intend to rent the place for long. Have statement pieces such as wood stumps. These will allow you to make the space undeniably your own without extra effort and repainting and zero teardown later.

Tackle Your Closets

Take everything out of your closet. Clear out what is no longer used, and clean the interior. For a clothes closet, arrange your apparel by category. Make it a point that you hang the delicate items along with stacking thicker things such as denim. In the real estate sector, proper management of closets is something that cannot be avoided. Put the most-utilized items at the front. Put the rarely used ones a lot higher or in the back.

Can’t install a heavy-duty closet system into your walls and don’t have a closet in the rented apartment? Go online, as there are plenty of stylish closets out there in the market. They are attractive and could not be simpler to set up. Even the most organized of us can have a messy closet. However, now is your time for making it right.

Put Up Curtains

Looking for exceptional Wall decor ideas for renters? One of the simplest fixes for your apartment is curtains. Ditch your vertical slats that already come installed in the new place. Take advantage of the light (and thereby simple) focal point of your rooms. Curtains are easy to take with you as well as cost-effective to replace when they get outdated. Conveniently install an affordable curtain with the tension rod and fabric to enhance the beauty of your house.

Clean your curtains, as they can make the room feel a lot brighter. Many drapery stores suggest cleaning the curtains regularly every year, however, it is the task a lot of us neglect. Have a look at the care instructions for determining whether they need to be dry cleaned or can be washed. It is the beauty of curtains that make them among the best home decor ideas for renters. You can wash velvet drapes with a chamois cloth that is dipped in hot water. Silk curtains often require hand-washing. In case you can machine-wash them, utilize a gentle cycle, mild detergent, and cool water, and hang them to dry.

Hand-Paint a Few Throw Pillows

Sick of your current pillows or are they need of a refresh? Hand-painting your throw pillows is an ideal way of giving the bedroom a splash of color. Unable to find the best pattern for the throw pillows? Look for a few which match exact colors in the room. It is time to make them and use them as one of the most perfect Home decor ideas for renters. With a bit of fabric paint, you can produce pillows of your dreams.

Transform the Entire Look of Your Bedroom

Turn the bedroom into a sports complex, library, or art gallery. Whatever your choice is, make the house lively with some paintings, heirloom decor pieces, and classic posters. Since going outside is not possible right now, one major thing which you can do is bring the outside in. Wondering how? Simple: place plants inside your house and nurture the garden by adding natural charm to your surroundings.

As summer is here, you have to create a cool, calm bedroom environment. You can look for amazing wall decor ideas for renters and try putting those old frames to use for decoration. Place a floral headboard above the bed and you can also hang the light canopy from your ceiling.


Are you ready to give your house a fresh, new look? Now, while you are stuck indoors, you may as well take on  projects which will cheer you up. Follow these 8 easy-and-effective tips to decor your home while maintaining social distancing. Change your lighting, bring in curtains, and transform your bedroom’s look. This can make a huge difference and make your space look superb without any special effort.

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