We all know that a studio apartment home doesn’t come with much space. Without a lot of square footage, furnishing your residence to maximize space will be paramount. Everyone wants to come home to a place they love. So certain techniques and tricks should be implemented that will help you utilize each inch in your apartment home. Here is How to Setup a Studio Apartment Home to Maximize Space:

A Studio Apartment Defined

A studio rental is just one room that serves as both the dining, living and sleeping quarters in a larger complex or building. It’s normally always the smallest room to rent in terms of square footage, although sometimes they can be quite large. 

A studio will almost always be accompanied by a bathroom. It usually best serves one person, although in some cases 2 people might live quite comfortably. 

In most scenarios, the only reason anyone would want to rent a studio involves the cost. They are usually the cheapest floor-plan option in the community. But that doesn’t mean it’s not desirable. For example if you’re moving to Dallas, TX. Check out these high rise apartments offer studios with incredible views. 

You might hear the word efficiency when you’re looking for apartment space. An efficiency is synonymous with a studio.

Create More Storage Space

One of the biggest complaints in any apartment will be the amount of available storage space. Creating extra storage will be a blessing. Since the square footage in a studio will be limited, you will have to create extra space. 

Store belongings in drawers below your bed

This bed serves two separate purposes. First, it functions as your place to sleep. Secondly, this particular bed has drawers that are perfect for storing your extra belongings. Whether it’s blankets, shoes, your clothes, this certainly will save valuable closet space.

You don’t have to purchase this exact bed. Remember to use this as a guide. You might have a bed that simply rests on a frame that has several inches of clearance from the floor. Use this extra space and shove everything you can underneath. 


Closet Shoe Hanger

This over the door shoe organizer is the perfect weapon that can be utilized against a lack of space. You can simply hand it on the interior of your closet door. It uses a hook system and fits over a normal standard door. But you don’t have to use this for shoes only. You might stick socks or whatever else you can in the pockets. This helps get your stuff up off the floor and is a super easy storage system. 

Wall Shelf System

Not familiar with what wall shelves are? You can purchase these at Target or Walmart. Many have hooks, baskets, and bins, and function as an additional storage system. These are great places for photos, books, and other miscellaneous items. This can substitute furniture which makes it easier for moving out of your home and less clutter.

They also are a great place in kitchens. Storage wine bottles and glasses here for maximum efficiency. 


Multi-Functional Furniture Matters

Since you only have space for a limited amount of furniture, you can purchase some that serves more than one purpose inside your studio. For many of us, we didn’t even know these items existed. 

Check out this double-decker twin bunk bed. During the day it unfolds and can serve as a desk environment or a place to play games or watch movies. 

At night it can be turned into a bed, thus serving as both a desk and a place to sleep. It’s a perfect example of how studio square footage can be best utilized. 

Sofa Bed

Two of the largest pieces of furniture in any apartment will be both the bed and the couchui. What if a piece of furniture existed that could serve as your sleeping quarters at night and unfold into a couch in the day. You could even entertain guests or family during the day. Luckily there are many of these multi-functional pieces that exist today. 


We know that renting a studio apartment home isn’t always the ideal floor-plan for most renters. The only reason the vast majority of people ever rent this type of space is that it is the cheapest floor-plan in the community. So you will need to take steps in order to counter the lack of square footage. 

  • Purchase or obtain furniture that can serve as multiple purposes. This will free up space. Consider a bed that can also serve as a couch or sofa. 
  • Storage space will be premium in a studio. So you will need to create artificial storage for your belongings. Consider storage shelves that can be attached to the walls of your home. 
  • Over the closet organizers is the perfect contraption to store shoes and other items. 

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