8 elegant ideas to decorate new home

Buying your dream home is just the beginning of starting a new life. You first have to move the family and your belongings into the new home. Before you are ready to start carrying in sofas, hanging kitchen cabinets, and putting up posters for the children’s room, the design of the house or the apartment needs to be spot on. You need to decorate a new home tastefully so you can enjoy it to the fullest.

Newbie homeowners often struggle with decorating their new home because elegance is hard to attain. Luckily, we offer you 8 elegant ideas to decorate your new home and get the most of each room in the house.

white-themed kitchen

1. Remodeling the kitchen

Arguably, the kitchen is the most expensive room in the kitchen to remodel. However, if you meticulously plan the makeover of the kitchen, then you can save a lot of money. Start by cleaning the kitchen thoroughly, moving all the appliances, and cleaning the wall behind them.

If the paint job in the kitchen was executed professionally, there is no need to repaint the entire room; just add a new layer of paint to problematic spots. Damaged handles should be replaced and the knobs that have lost their gleam ought to be polished. Finally, add new accessories, such as a kitchen hood or LED lights under the bottom of hanging cabinets.

2. Preparing the home office

The number of apartments that incorporate a home office is rising by the day. If you know for sure you will work from home, then prepare the home office space in advance. Find a spot next to a window (or under one), place a table and a lamp there, and make sure there is plenty of shelving around you. Additionally, you might want to add some greenery in the form of a houseplant. Overall, setting up a home office is not as expensive as homeowners think.

3. Dining in style

The dining room is a fairly simple interior space, with the dining table being the centerpiece of the room. If you are buying a new dining room table, be sure to order one so its dimensions fit the dining room perfectly. Apart from the table, the chairs and possibly the chandelier need to match the size and height of the room ideally.

lavender-themed bathroom with large mirror

4. Sprucing up the bathroom

You are not going to spend hours on end in the bathroom but the water room still needs to be comfortable and elegant. Creating an elegant bathroom atmosphere is all about the details. LED lights around the vanity mirror, colorful tiles, streamlined sink, a towel warmer, floor mats, etc. re all essential in creating an oasis of tranquility in the water room.

Like in the rest of the house, most of the amenities should be custom designed. For instance, bath mats should cover the centre of the bathroom and neatly encircle the toilet bowl or a bidet. Don’t forget to use the window sills and the space behind the door for extra storage space, as you can never have enough of it.

5. Kids and colors

Decorating the nursery might seem like the easiest part of moving inside the new house. However, children nowadays are quite picky, so you’ll need to get everything right, from the color of the walls to the print on the bedsheets.

The walls of the children’s room should be painted vividly to stimulate their imagination. If your kids are artistic, then you can use their artwork to decorate the walls further. Finally, there should be a height meter for children installed in the door frame or on one of the walls.

6. Rethinking the design of the hall

The hallway is the first room you enter when you step inside the house so it should scream elegance. The hall’s design needs to be inviting, as everything from the floors (tiles are best for maintenance purposes) to the railing on the stairs should be carefully selected. The functional side of the foyers shouldn’t be neglected either, as pegs and coat hangers should be found in abundance.

lavender-themed bathroom with large mirror

7. A multipurpose living room

The room with the biggest number of functions is definitely the living room. It can serve as a playroom, dining room, or a bedroom, depending on the person(s) using it. For this reason, the design of the living room needs to be “fluid” in the sense that the furniture can easily be moved.

For example, the coffee table should be sturdy enough to hold a food tray, as well as light enough so a child can move it around the room when it is no longer needed. The cushions on the couch should not be purely for decoration, as they should make for excellent pillows when someone in the household decides to have an afternoon nap.

8. Sound asleep in the bedroom

Finally, we reach the room that should be designed for a good night’s rest: the bedroom. Firstly, you should use this room only for resting so no laptops between the sheets! Avoid placing large wall mirrors in the bedroom, as they reflect sunlight, making it harder to dim the light at night. Finally the mattress, pillows, and bedsheets should be top quality and comfortable.

Decorating your new home is challenging but don’t forget that it’s a fun activity at the same time. You’ll enjoy picking the right wallpaper for the children’s room, polishing knobs on kitchen cabinets, and selecting the right size and shape of bath mats.

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