Moving into a new home is an adjustment in and of itself for children, but further changing a new home with renovations can tack on additional stress. Fortunately, with these tips, updating your new home can be both possible and enjoyable for you and your children. Read on for a helpful Guide to Updating a New Home with Children.

Normalize the Transition

The more open and transparent you are with your children, the easier your home renovation projects will flow. Knowing that your children’s minds are at ease can help you focus on the details of each project. Explain to your children why you are making updates. For example, “We’re are adding a new pantry because we need more room for all of our food.” Sometimes all they need is someone to listen to them and feed their curiosity to help them understand and make sense of the unfamiliar.

To help children feel even more comfortable, explain to them what to expect during a renovation. Explain that there will be unfamiliar faces in and out of the house, like contractors, inspectors, and painters—and that they may hear loud noises from power drills and hammers.

Make sure they know what items are off-limits (e.g., don’t touch any tools), and have them wear shoes to avoid stepping on nails. To further your peace of mind, temporarily childproof rooms with safety gates. Extra-wide gates are perfect to fence off larger areas like kitchens. Pressure-mounted gates are also great if you want to avoid damaging walls with drill holes.

Have a Strategy

Children need a sense of stability during a chaotic time like this—and as parents, you need a few areas that still function in order to go about your day to day activities as normal as possible. Therefore, if possible, make upgrades one room at a time instead of all at once.

First and foremost, make any updates or complete any projects in your child’s bedroom before diving into other rooms. This way, they have a safe space to retreat to with all of their favorite items. From there, carefully plan project details room by room like deciding what other rooms are high-priority for completion. 

By way of example, you may want to opt to complete any kitchen renovations next as this will allow your family to return to regular sit-down meals and other ordinary traditions. Plan ahead by estimating the cost of typical kitchen remodeling components, such as appliances, materials, labor, and installation fees. Doing so will help avoid hiccups and speed up the renovation process to help your children return to a normal routine.

Don’t Neglect Their Needs

While there are so many details running through your mind during a move and home improvement projects, it’s imperative to stay focused on your children. Involving children in the remodeling process is a surefire way to make them feel important and included.

Of course, certain projects are out of some children’s realm due to age, safety, etc. But small-scale or DIY tasks like painting are easy enough for children to execute and allows them to showcase their creativity. Even including children in small decisions like choosing paint colors, decor, and other accessories can make a world of difference.

Most importantly, take some time to get away from the home renovation process. Enlist the help of others whenever possible, like a professional moving company, for instance, to free up some of your time. While they help pack and unpack, you can take your children out to the park or local entertainment hubs for fun. Bonus: having time to explore will better acclimate your children to the location of their new home.

Finding Help with Moving Professionals

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