Plants can be a great focal point in any interior. They bring needed greenery into any space and go amazingly well with all colors. It is also an opportunity to create an outdoor living feeling even in the middle of the big city. But they are not the only low-budget DIY home upgrade ideas to enliven your house or apartment.

Some might think that home upgrades come at a high price, but this is not really true. There are many low-budget DIY home upgrade ideas to enliven your home on the smallest budget, says Hanna Adams, professional. Even if you don’t have lots of money for redecorating, these ideas might help you out.

Grow Your Plants

Grow Your Plants from Seeds

One of the exciting alternatives to buying is to grow your home plants from the very seeds. There are many fruits and vegetables that you consume that can be used for that. For example, you can grow an avocado plant at home. Or you can go with a lemon tree.

Some plants are more demanding; others are quite easy in this regard. And this won’t cost you much – the seed you get from your kitchen. One can use a plastic bottle or any container as a pot. All you need is some patience and little effort.

Shop at Budget-Friendly Places

If you choose to buy greenery, there are many affordable options. Maybe your neighbor moves out and can give some plants away. There are also shops like Target and Walmart for pots and any other cheap decor pieces.

You can also look online on what other people are selling, for example, on Craigslist or Etsy. Of course, not everything there might be to your liking. But it is sustainable, and sometimes there are real treasures to find.

Look at What You Own

The secret to DIY redecoration is to take advantage of all pieces you already have. Maybe there are some antique items or books that collect dust on the attic. Or there can be some vintage photographs you can frame and make a focal point in the living room.

Collect all interesting possessions and think about how they can go together in the interior. You can also give them a new life with some repainting, shaping, or adding accessories. And the best part – it is completely free.


One of the most popular low-budget DIY home upgrade ideas is painting. It is by far one of the easiest ways to spruce things up. You can paint the whole living room or have just one accent wall. If you have several plants in the pots of the same color, try bringing them all together.

It will bring focus on the greenery and make it all a bit more stylish. There are countless DIY ways to give any object new life with paint – whether it is a coffee table, chest of drawers, an old ladder, or a bicycle. But it is important to use ecological materials – no-VOC and non-toxic paints.

Repurpose Different Materials

If you have wooden objects that you do not use and have no plans on donating, they can be repurposed. They can be used to make flying shelves, cupboards, or even a new table. It is also a great idea to always look for used things and materials.

There are thrift stores where one can buy a furniture piece, a pot for a plant, a lamp, vase, or basically any piece. And it comes for a reasonable price and with a little bit of history.

green plant in pot

Create Green Walls with Succulents

Succulents are amazing plants that can help in creating fascinating designs. Some can even create the whole green wall, but it might seem a  bit extra. An even more reasonable idea is to hang them on a wall in a picture frame. This way, you’ll have a living green picture that brings a more natural feel into space.

Reuse Glass Bottles for Plant Cuttings

Cuttings are an amazing way to grow your collection or, rather, indoor garden. And it is quite possible to cut down the spending on pots. If you buy beverages or products in glassware, do not throw it out.

Use glass bottles to put cuttings in them with some water. If the bottles are the same, they can serve as a great addition to the overall style of the room. One can also free paint on them or use any other creative painting technique (acrylic pour or dipping). Plastic bottles can work too. Many people are adopting green living practices nowadays. Reusing bottles for plant cuttings is a great way to do that.

Create a Herb Garden in the Kitchen

Growing your own herbs will make any dish tastier. And it is also a wonderful opportunity to enliven the kitchen space. Such a garden doesn’t have to take much space. You can use flying shelves for it. Another fun idea is to make a DIY rope hanging planter.

There is no need for huge and expensive changes to bring some new life into a home. You can actually create a new green space with the use of what you have or some affordable options.

Start with what you can re-purpose or reuse and work with it. Choose paint colors according to the color wheel and tighten it all up with some plants as accent points.

We hope you found this blog post 8 Green DIY Ideas to Enliven Your Home for Those on a Tight Budget useful. Be sure to check out our post on Wonderful Home Décor & Front Yard Garden Ideas for more great tips!


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