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Even in our urbanized world, you can decorate your terrace garden easily and inexpensively. Urbanization has revolutionized the entire world in one sweep for sure, but on the darker side it has also brought adversities to lifestyle, health and living of human beings, and animals too. With buildings all around, many people have forgotten the glory and power of nature. One thing should never be forgotten that if Mother Nature gets angry then there would no one to save us. Urbanization is surely a good thing and fulfills our present needs, that is true. But it is also true that if greenery, plants and animals are not allowed to survive, this world cannot be a sole place for the human beings only.

There cannot be an excuse to do away with plant life and preserving greenery. Devoting a small patch of land for growing a lawn there is not a sacrifice, it is indeed a favor to yourself. Turning a terrace into a terrace garden or terrace farm is one best way to be creative and a sign of an intellectual human being. Urbanization cannot be done away with in our wholly transformed technological world but saving greenery is our firm duty. Terrace farming and terrace gardening are the perfect solutions for these new set of problems.

Ideas For A Terrace-In-Garden Model

  • Vertical gardening (Shelves for plants)

    A simple way to keep your balcony more lively and cheerful is to keep a lot plants and flowers. Vertical gardening is ideal to accommodate a lot of plants in your tiny balcony even if there is very little space. Vertical gardening means opting for shelves on your balcony walls and that thereby opens the way to keep a lot more plants than you could have kept on the floor. Another way is to take  old open shoe racks or bookshelves and turn them into an asset by putting them to use as vertical plant holders. This will also open up a great spacious room for you to walk around in your balcony.

  • The flower pot model

    The flower pot model means covering the terrace by arranging flowers in a creative and attractive manner. Flower pots would be the hub for a wide range of flowers, particularly colorful ones which will radiate happiness into the air all throughout. An evening routine of watering these plants daily is also a satisfying work. This task would add more meaning if there are any aged member in the family. They will remained occupied and maintain a schedule for themselves, and also seeing the flowers grow builds a sense of belongingness in the soul. Orchids can be grown by the boundary walls. They would cover a wide area and also look very beautiful. Flowering succulents like Echeveria are also attractive, and easy to care for. Read more about Echeveria propagation.

  • The medicinal garden

    A number of medicinal plants like Neem, Tulsi, Aloevera, and Mint can be easily grown and taken care of at home. Their advantages no not need to be elaborated upon. They are the best medicine as they are natural products.

  • Rooftop Plants

    The unoccupied space above your building could be converted into a beautifully designed patio. Ornamental grasses are popular and also the best substitutes for traditional roof coverings. Similarity can be drawn between tiles which cover the floor and these plants which cover the roof. They are produced to the required size. They require very little maintenance and offer many benefits. They protect the roof from the scorching sun, they are attractive to the eyes, and most importantly they substantially upgrade your lifestyle.

  • Pallet gardening

    Pallet gardening is a great innovative way to implement gardening. A pallet is a framework of unpolished crude wood like a box or crate that is used for carrying things. If you have just moved to a new home, or have some left over crates from your last move, instead of discarding them, they could serve as rustic plant holders.


Keeping the environment clean , colorful and tidy brings a lot of freshness and contentment to the soul as you decorate your terrace garden. Reusing materials and products which environmentalists have been preaching could be so efficiently employed in this small initiative. It inspires everyone associated with it. Furthermore it could encourage others to do the same.

We hope you found this blog post on Tips To Decorate Your Terrace Garden While Moving to a New Home useful. Be sure to check out our post on Inviting Tiny Terrace Decoration Ideas in 2020 for more great tips!


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