8 Tips on Helping your Kids Adjust after Moving

Everyone needs to make certain adjustments when the family residence changes, but as a parent, there are ways to make that transition for your kids a bit easier and less stressful. Here are 8 Tips on Helping your Kids Adjust after Moving.

1.Be Positive 

It is no secret that young children are like sponges. They absorb and learn from the environments around them. When they see their parents stressed or upset about moving, they will in turn react the same way. Moving can be very stressful when things don’t go according to plan but remember your reaction affects your children as well. Remember that your attitude, whether positive or negative, will set the tone for the rest of your family. 

2. Maintain their Routine as much as Possible 

Depending on the distance of the move, your family’s daily routines may continue
uninterrupted. Perhaps the same soccer or gymnastics connection can be maintained
with a longer drive time. More often than not, however, you will have to find a new team
or class in your new area. Make it a priority to have the new arrangements in place
before you move. Do your best to make the switch over as seamless as possible.

3. Allow and Encourage the Kids to have Input on their new

A new house is a blank canvas waiting to be decorated and designed. Allow your child
have some decision-making responsibility for their room or play room. Involve them with
picking their room colors, themes and decorations. This is a great way to have them
become vested in the new home from the start. 

4. Encourage Remaining in Contact with Friends

It can be hard for children to leave their friends behind. This is a great opportunity to
teach them the importance of maintaining relationships with people. Encourage writing
letters about their new house, or schedule monitored video calls or play dates with their
old friends. By so doing, you will give them the gift of understanding the value of lifelong

5. Introduce them to their new School before they Attend 

Along with adjusting to a new home and city, kids have to adjust to a new school. It would be most beneficial if you can arrange some sort of new student orientation that allows a tour of the new school. Often you can do so simply by request. But if that is not possible, you can take them to the school, show them the route or the manner in which they will come and go and otherwise familiarize them with what will become their new routine. 

6. Encourage the Establishment of new Friendships 

Being the new kid at school and neighborhood can be difficult for some children, so it is
important to encourage and help your children meet new friends. Quickly getting your
children involved in their old sports and activities presents an opportunity for them to
meet and make new friends. When school starts, be sure to ask about their new
classmates to see if they are having difficulty meeting new friends at school. Explain
that it is often hard to be the new kid, but like many other things in life, time and
patience provide rewards.

7. Explore the Neighborhood Together

Unfortunately, not every community has a welcome committee to bring over a basket of
goodies when you move in, so you may have to initiate meeting your neighbors.
Involving your kids teaches them that it’s okay to be the first one to introduce
themselves to their new class mates. Make it fun to walk around and explore the new
neighborhood together. You’ll be able to see any nearby parks, get them acquainted
with their new environment, and possibly find other houses with children the same age
as yours.

8. Ask your Family to be part of the Process 

It’s always helpful to already have friends or family in your new location, but even if
they’re not, family always can help to ease the stress of the moving process. Most kids
have a favorite grandparent or aunt or uncle who they can talk to. Encourage that
contact, and perhaps a similar time in their life can be shared. Knowing others who you
trust have endured down times makes it easier to get through your struggles. 
A move is recognized as one of the more stressful events in a person’s life and can be
even more so for a child. However, with thoughtful planning and attention to what’s
occurring in their lives, you can make your move a more positive experience for your

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