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Choosing bedsheets is an important decision. After all, what comes to your mind when you think about a comfortable bed?

A superior quality mattress and cozy coverings that send you to a sleepy dreamland the moment you lie on them.

That’s totally my type of bed to doze off.

An average person sleeps for 8 hours in a day. That means that an average person will sleep for 229,961 hours in their lifetime, or one-third of their life.

This is the reason why we should pay more attention to the materials we are sleeping on every night. Every person has a specific preference that helps in getting a sound sleep.

A cozy bedroom feels like an oasis of restful sleep and sweet dreams. For this, your bedsheets should be of high quality, along with other bed linens, for a comfortable sleep. Before you buy online bedsheets make sure they complement the overall colour tone of your room.

Below are some handy tips for choosing bedsheets to experience utmost comfort while resting.

Look for the Material First

There are a variety of bedsheets available in the market. Choosing from a wide array of bedsheet offerings may throw you for a loop while shopping. Here are some useful suggestions.

Pure cotton is the most preferred material due to its durability, breathability and comfort.

Nothing is better than a 100% cotton bedsheet as it traps heat and allows fresh and cool air to pass through during the summer. It’s an excellent choice for all seasons and can be blended with rayon and other materials to get the desired weight and feel.

Consider the Thread Count

There’s a huge buzz about thread count. Before going into that, it’s important to know that thread count is the number of threads in 1 square inch of fabric. A higher thread count means a softer bedsheet.

Higher thread count can also be associated with increased comfort and justifies the higher price of the product. Also, remember that the highest-count sheets can be stiff as so many fibres are jammed up closely together.

The quality of the bed linen depends on the fineness of yarn and the quality of the weaving and finishing processes.

Find the Right Fit

You must choose the right size and fit for your bedsheets. If you don’t consider your bed size, then you may end up buying something too small or big. Here are some choices that might help you.

For a king size bedsheet:

  • Bedsheet size: (270 cm X 270 cm) or (108″ X 108″)
  • Pillow cover size: (46 cm X 69 cm + 5 cm) or (18″ X 27″ + 3″)

For a cotton double bedsheet:

  • Bedsheet size: 225 cm x 250 cm
  • Pillow cover size: 46 cm X 69 cm

Select Prints or Plains

Considering the aesthetics of your bedsheets, you need to decide whether to get printed or plain bedsheets. Plain bedsheets will complement printed pillows, mattress, and throws. Bedsheets with subtle and minimal designs will fit well with any home decor.

Do you want a bold look? Go for striking prints!

Coordination is Essential

When choosing bedsheets you need to develop your unique bedding style and choose colors and designs that reflect your personality. You need to look into coordinating them with your headboard and other bedding fabrics in your bedroom. Proper coordination will pull everything together nicely.

Introduce Trendy Accessories

Your bedding needs proper planning to make it look like a heavenly abode. Don’t consider it as an ordinary sleeping space; it needs to have the aura to give you a restful night.

Accessorize it with trendy throws, decorative pillows, comforters, duvet covers and the like. You don’t have to opt for expensive pillows. Look for affordable and high-quality bedsheets online.

Choose Different Sheets For Every Season

Seasonal sheets are not a new term these days. Just as the name suggests, it means changing your sheets according to the season.

If you’re someone who loves to change your sheets for different occasions, that’s possible!

  • For summer, opt for lighter hues and 100% cotton sheets that won’t absorb much heat.
  • For winter, take inspiration from outside and go for warm shades of orange, gold, brown and maroon.
  • For monsoon, select bright and colourful bedsheets to beat the gloom. Celebrate the magic of monsoons with hot coffee under the sheets.

Treat Them Well

No matter what type of bedsheets you buy, it’s essential to take proper care so that they last for a long time. Refrain from using fabric softeners as they may damage the fabric even as they claim to make your sheets softer.

Meanwhile, washing them in hot water and over drying on high heat can cause the threads to break faster.

To extend the life of your bedsheets, wash them in lukewarm water and never dry on high heat.

If you think you need to replace your bedsheet with a better one, then invest in high-quality online bedsheets for better comfort and appeal. After investing in superior quality bedsheets you won’t settle for anything less. It’s time to give your bedroom a different touch and look.

Start exploring!!

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