Home is where we return after work, hassle, stress and all the aches and pains of modern life. For that reason, home needs to be cozy and inviting so it can rejuvenate our souls and nourish our creativity and sense of peace. Here is how to create a wonderful atmosphere at home so you never want to spend a night out again! 

cozy home decoration

Soft Furniture 

Furniture makes or breaks a space when it comes to comfort and coziness. Choose L-shaped couches that can accommodate a lot of people and upholster them in a soft, plushy or fuzzy fabric. An abundance of cushions and blankets is a must to make furniture seem warm and inviting and not clinical or office-like. Avoid fabrics like suede or faux leather as they are not soft and usually pull at the body once you sit down in them. Although minimalistic and retro design trends might sway you in the direction of solid arm chairs, avoid those too as they rarely come with adequate back support and they can be hard instead of soft and comfortable. 

Pair your soft furniture with plush or fur carpets, floor cushions, bean bags and other items that can increase seating options and comfort. In terms of choice of color, light colored furniture can often be the coziest. Choose warm neutrals as the colors of choice for upholstery as the Hygge style dictates (a Nordic design style that is all about coziness and home-based wellness). 

Cleanliness And An Organized Maximalist Approach 

Creating an inviting environment in your home is often about the personalized décor and belongings and therefore a minimalistic look can often seem dreary. Fill your home with worthwhile and beautiful memories of your travels and time with family and friends to impart warmth into your space. An organized maximalist approach means you have a home filled with quality décor but it is organized in a way that the space looks clutter-free. Cleanliness is also a huge precursor to coziness since no one can really relax in a cluttered or dirty space. 

Create a cleaning schedule (some people use prescription services and reminders like the Flylady method to get more organized and on track). A cleaning schedule will guarantee that your home is regularly cleaned and tidied so that it does not create depressive feelings. Research shows that untidy homes foster feelings of anxiety and depression and make mental disorders worse over time. 

It’s All In The Lighting 

The lighting is the major component to watch out for when you are trying to redesign your space to be homely and inviting. Choose warm bulbs and plenty of lamps and you can create a fusion style with modern and vintage in your choice of lighting fixtures. Try to maximize natural light in the home by choosing feather light curtains made out of a fabric like chiffon. It is a well-documented fact that exposure to sunlight creates vitamin D which actually also spurs hormonal balance and the production of serotonin in your brain. 

If you have an outdoor space in your home, style it with cozy beach chairs and other furniture pieces so you can soak in as much sunlight as possible during the day. Creating a work space or a reading nook in an outdoor space will also allow you to spend more time outside which contributes to good health for people of all ages. Opt for New York City motorized window treatments if you want to renovate your style of windows and make your space appear airy and full of light. 

Keep Swapping With Seasonal Delights 

Spaces can seem stagnant after a while and a great way to keep your house fun and inviting is to incorporate seasonal décor changes at the start of every new season. Spring should vary from summer and summer should vary from the winter and Christmas season. You can look up seasonal décor ideas on Instagram to decide the kind of vibe you want for your space. If you have children, seasonal or holiday décor can be fun and educational for them. Choose different rugs, cushions and even wall art for each new season such as having fall pumpkins and orange and earthy hues for that season. 

The Art of Creating Nooks

Create small, nurturing spaces within the home like a reading nook, a meditation corner or a music nook with musical instruments. These sub-spaces have tons of personality that make a house seem like a home with a life of its own. 


One’s home should be the ultimate destination for rest and relaxation and small, thoughtful changes in your interior design carefully curated can make all the difference to your quality of life as you pursue your dreams and find fulfillment in the outside world. 

We hope you found this blog post on A Guide To Creating A Cozy And Inviting Home Atmosphere useful. Be sure to check out our post on Transitioning Your Home to a Modern Aesthetic After a Move for more great tips!

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