Cardboard boxes have made their way in every sector. These boxes are perfect for a wide variety of packaging needs. The reason they are the preferred choice for businesses is they can be used to pack an array of items.

Pros and Cons of Cardboard Boxes

Packaging Express presents the infographic below on the advantages and disadvantages of cardboard boxes.

These sturdy boxes are used across the world, for moving, delivering something ordered online, or to send gifts to loved ones. The box protects the product safely during shipment.

But cardboard boxes have their drawbacks and limitations. Whether you’re a business or individual, it will be good to know both the advantages and disadvantages of cardboard boxes so you can be sure to select the appropriate container for your product. If you are shipping heavier items, then cardboard boxes may not be right for you.

Check out the detailed infographic below.

infographic describing advantages and disadvantages of cardboard boxes

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