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Let’s face it. Moving is incredibly stressful. In addition to packing everything up, you need to create an accurate budget for your move.

Even if you’re not moving on a budget, it helps to know how much the whole ordeal will cost at the end of the day. While the cost can vary based on factors like the distance you plan to move, the moving company you hire and the size of your home, there are industry averages you can always count on to make your move easier.

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Average Cost of Moving Locally

Moving companies determine prices for moves based on the average weight of your belongings, and the number of hours it will take to load and then unload them. Remember there are no hard and fast numbers. You’ll likely need to pay more if you let movers handle your packing.

Own your Move for Greater Savings

The good news is if the average is way above your budget, you are not out for the count. If you take out the time and put in the effort to own your move, you can enjoy greater savings. How is this possible? Well, here’s what you need to do:

Get Rid of Stuff you don’t need

If you want to stick to hiring a moving company, it would be best to reconsider what stuff you take along with you. Not everything you own will be of use to you, which is why it is a good idea to go through all your stuff to dispose of items that you no longer need.

How you dispose of said items is your choice; you can either give them away or sell them to make a buck or two to improve your finances.

As already mentioned earlier, since moving companies determine costs of moves based on the overall weight of your belongings, the lesser the things you take along with you, the lesser you will have to pay to make your move.

If that is not enough, the money you make selling items you no longer need can also pay for extra moving services like packing/unpacking and insurance.

Pack/Unpack on your Own

If you are willing to take on the challenge of doing the tougher work yourself, you can save more money. It may seem like a hassle, but if you pack/unpack your belongings on your own, you won’t have to pay for extra moving services.

Agreed, you will have to prepare to pack beforehand, but once you get everything you need, all you need to do is to store every room’s stuff in a box and label it. Not only will it make it easier for you to find stuff you need later on, but unpacking will be a breeze when you reach your destination.

Rent a Moving Truck

To save even more money than you already have by packing/unpacking your belongings on your own, you can make the entire move on your own. Obviously, you will need to rent a moving truck, but if you do so, you will be in charge of how your move goes down.

If you feel as though you are getting in way over your head, you can always use professional assistance for tips, guidance and when you load and unload your belongings. But even then, you do not need a professional, as you can ask your friends or family to help you out, especially those people that have made several moves over the years.

Move in the Off-Peak Season

A lot of home movers overlook the fact that the moving season has a dramatic influence on the final moving price. A majority of moving companies charge a considerable amount of money from May to September, simply because these five months are immensely popular amongst people that want to move.

Moreover, weekends are quite pricey as well, just like beginnings and ends of each month along with holidays; so you will need to play your cards right to avoid going over budget.

If you can be flexible about your moving dates, don’t hesitate in moving in the off-peak season. Rest assured, you can spend all that money on something else you wanted to get your hands on all along.

All in all, the best way to restrict your moving costs is by moving quickly. The faster you get out of your old home and into your new home, the less you will have to pay your movers and for other expenses like storage costs, rented supplies and mortgage payments and so on.

Remember, no matter how hard things may seem, you can overcome any problem if you do your homework online. The same applies to make a cost-effective move. Check out the different moving companies out there and find one that best fits your needs and requirements.

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