Check Out the Best Cities in Missouri to raise a family 


Missouri is a great place to raise a family because of the different smaller, quaint towns that make up this state. When you live in Missouri, you will have a chance to choose between the traditional and smaller towns or larger cities that exude culture and offer a plethora of different things to do.

With a reasonable cost of living, fun attractions, great hotels (e.g the beautiful Branson Resorts) superior school districts, and easy transportation options, living in Missouri is very attractive especially if you are planning on moving, expanding your family and raising children. No matter what it is that you are looking for, you will find a city in Missouri that will speak and resonate with you.

Here are the best cities in Missouri to raise a family:

1. Eureka


Considered as one of the best places to live in all of Missouri, Eureka has a population of over 10,000 people which is considered small compared to other areas in the state. People who live in Eureka have the chance to experience prime suburban living and accessibility to parks which are perfect for people who are looking for a place to raise their families.

The Rockwood School District maintains the public school system in Eureka and it is one of the best in the state

With a median housing sales price of low $300,000, Eureka is considered more affordable compared to other areas of the state. The downtown area has restaurants and newer residential facilities as well as sports venues. 

2. Fulton

With a median home sales price of less than $200,000, Fulton is another city in Missouri that is getting a lot of attention from people who are looking to relocate to more affordable areas. Fulton is the largest city in Callaway County and living in Fulton is suburban at its finest.

The major advantage of why people who have families gravitate towards Fulton is that if you buy a home in Fulton, you will have more space for your growing family compared to other densely-populated areas.

Fulton is home to two universities are Westminster College and William Woods University. This city is also known for having the National Churchill Museum which is an homage to Winston Churchill.

3. Willard

The City of Willard is known for its rich history. Its early settlers include Scot, Irish, Welsh and English descent. With a population of just over 5,000 people, Willard comprises an area measuring 5.92 square miles.

The public school system in Willard can rival any school district in the US and hold its own. The fine arts program in this city is considered one of the best in the nation. 

With a median housing sales price of low $200,000, it comes as no surprise as to why people are looking to relocate to Willard because it is affordable and a great city to raise a family.


4. Kearney

With a median home sales price of low $300,000, Kearney is another popular option for people who are looking to relocate to Missouri to raise their families. 

Kearney is considered a small town but is going through rapid growth in population over the last 5 years. This is a testament to the value that this city provides to its residents in terms of education, transportation, cost of living, and overall, livability. 

5. Waynesville

Located in Pulaski County, Waynesville has a population of just over 5,000 people. Even though this town is considered small, it is considered as one of the happiest towns in America. 

You will find Downtown Waynesville along the historic Route 66. The downtown area is a picture of a quaint and classic American Main Street. The public schools are maintained by the Waynesville School District which is one of the best in all of Missouri.

With a median home sales price of less than  $200,000, homes are more affordable in Waynesville compared to bigger cities in Missouri which is why families tend to choose this over other cities. 

6. St. Charles

You will find the quaint city of St. Charles to the west of the more popular St. Louis. This river city offers a unique perspective to residents and visitors alike topped with a slower pace compared to bigger cities. Because of this, families who are looking for a place to raise their children often find themselves in St. Charles.

With a population of more than 60,000 people, this charming city is located in the Missouri River and is considered historic. Living in St. Charles, you will find numerous family-friendly amenities and an award-winning school district. 

St. Charles has a median housing sales price of mid $200,000 which is perfect for families who are looking into more affordable areas.

7. Marshfield

Marshfield has a population of over 7,000 people and is the county seat of Webster County. Located at the foot of the Ozark Mountains, Marshfield is a historic city that offers amazing nature views and an award-winning school district. 

The median home sales price in Marshfield is approximately less than $200,000, which is why a lot of families are attracted to this small town. 

8. Farmington

If you are looking for affordability as well as access to different amenities, Farmington is one of the best places in Missouri to live, especially if you are raising your family. With 9 state parks and a superior school district, you will always find something to do in Farmington and at the same time, enable your kids to get a quality education. 

The median home sales price in Farmington is less than $200,000. There are a lot of different factors that one should look at when considering moving to a new area, especially if you are raising a family. Having access to a reputable school district is important as well as affordability and access to different amenities so that your family can thrive.

We hope you enjoyed this blog on Best Cities in Missouri To Raise A Family. If you are planning you next move, more suggestions can be found on this page: Most Common Moving Mistakes

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