Moving can be demanding and stressful. In such desperate times, people tend to make moving mistakes that may result in financial loss or damage to their precious household items.

With so much to do in little time, it’s best to plan your moving process well in advance to avoid mistakes. You might have your long list of “Dos” ready, but you really need to jot down some “Don’ts” as well to get some hassle- and stress-free moving done.

To save you from inconvenience, we have compiled a list of things that you should avoid before moving. Some simple tips and tricks are all you need for such occasions.

Hire a Reputable Moving Company

The most important step when you decide to move is to find a reputable, competent moving company. This step may be challenging, but there are many scammers out there who waste your time, damage your furniture, and drain your hard-earned money.

Common Moving Mistakes

To find the most appropriate company to do the job, you should get referrals from friends or family who have recently moved, and go through reviews on the internet.

Then you should shortlist a few of the top verified companies and call them up to discuss their availability and cost estimates. Before moving you should be sure that the people you are letting in your house are professionals you can trust with your valuables. Also you may have a lot of junk to get rid of, and proper disposal of your junk is also necessary.

Avoid Damaging Furniture

Damaging furniture is one of the most common moving mistakes people make nowadays. If you haven’t hired some professional help for moving, it’s difficult to avoid banging your huge sofas, dining tables, racks, or other things into walls.

man helping lift a sofa with cardboard boxes in background

While lifting heavy furniture, you may drop it on the floor, which may damage tiles or wood flooring. So, it’s best to disassemble all the items that you can. Pack all the tiny or fragile pieces with bubble wrap or paper and put them in cardboard boxes. Wrap moving blankets around table corners. And make sure your moving company brings in some moving ramps or dollies for moving furniture.

Label Boxes

While packing your household items, clothing, decoration pieces, or other items in the cardboard boxes, you should always label your boxes. It gets daunting and frustrating when you reach your new home and have to rummage through every box to find a single item.

So, you should plan to unpack by labeling all the boxes. There are colored packing tapes available in the market. Assign different colors of tape for different rooms’ contents and label the boxes to reveal what things are enclosed inside.

Remember Moving Essentials

With so much to do on moving day, it’s natural to forget a few necessities. To avoid any discomfort, pack a bag with your essentials a week before the big move.

notebook with checklist next to keyboard and cup

You should have an extra pair of clothing, toiletries, phone and charger, medication, a mini tool kit, paper towels, important documents, and your wallet. You may keep some light snacks ready ahead of time as well in case you don’t get time to prepare or order food.

It is good to make a list of things to do or people to call over right after you move so that you don’t have to wait for unnecessarily long periods.

Don’t Tick Off Neighbors

While moving, your foremost concern should be that you don’t spoil your relationship with your neighbors by destroying their valuables. If you hire a professional moving company, they will be bringing a big moving truck for this purpose.

The moving trucks often take up large space on the street and block the neighbors’ driveways. Make sure you let your neighbors know about your moving plans beforehand so that they can be careful and watchful about their property and their timings as well.


With these strategies, you can stay on top of the moving process. All it takes is a well-managed plan, timely organization, and a capable moving company for you to have a stress-free move anywhere, especially in Vancouver. Moving days are bound to be tiring and overwhelming, but reliable and competent movers will ensure that your move stays on track.

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